Large and mid-sized law firms have increased their use of analytics to drive efficiency and improve fact finding. The ayfie technology has linguistic analytics at its core. Since much of the law is about language, attorneys get a quicker and more comprehensive understanding of the matter. That leads to comfort and comfort breeds adoption. We expect this to change the legal landscape.
- Ian Campbell CEO of iCONECT

Seamless eDiscovery/AI functionality and workflows within the iCONECT-XERA® interface.

Integrated ayfie Inspector's advanced linguistic analytics to uncover insights and workflows even faster.

Unique approach to text analytics: ayfie combines linguistic analytics with machine learning to give iCONECT the opportunity to offer even more analytics tools to the eDiscovery and data investigation markets.

Advanced features: Near-duplicate detection, conceptual clustering, email threading, Xmplar (used to create a synthetic exemplar document), predictive review (TAR), entity extraction, sentiment analysis and many more are included.

Powerful workflows: Improve early case assessment (ECA), technology-assisted review (TAR), M&A due diligence and contract portfolio review with ayfie Inspector integration.

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Leverage ayfie’s leading text analytics engine, ayfie Inspector, within the iCONECT-XERA® interface, to create seamless eDiscovery/AI functionality and workflows.