Finding, Retaining and Acting on Data


Internal Data

With ayfie's vast library of connectors, companies can access content in any information silo. Everything comes together in an easy to use interface. This enables endless collaborative workflows without the need to move or change the original document.

External Data

ayfie's unique linguistic processing capabilities allow for easy analysis of huge amounts of unstructured data, e.g. Word, PDF, mails, etc. - providing all relevant tools for early data assessment, litigation, due diligence, eDiscovery, and compliance workflows.

Personal Data

Users can identify more than 200 different types of PII entities across multiple languages and eliminate false positives by considering the linguistic context, efficiently powering workflows for data breach notification, data subject access requests, or compliance.

Flexible and powerful

Teams work from a single interface that combine the various steps in a workflow, so that all the work can be done online within one tool, rather than shifting between multiple applications.



Single-point access: Log in with one account to search dozens of data silos simultaneously.

One-click retrieval: Access the original document directly from within the search results.

Real-time indexing: Newly created documents or emails you just received show up in ayfie within seconds.



Detect Risk: Automatically detect PII that is hidden in any data set - not based on regular expressions but on real context.

Reveal Insights: Speed up research with automatically extracted persons, organisations, locations and dates found within document contents.

Easy-to-use interface: Immediately review and cull document collections using Search, Meta-Data Filters, Business Rules, and Semantic Analysis of document contents.




Reporting & Visualizations: All extracted meta-data can be reported on easily – e.g. to assess compliance with privacy regulations, track data leakage and determine exposure when breached.

Export Knowledge:
Work product on documents from team collaboration can be exported into a Word, PDF or Excel document.

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How ayfie reveals its full potential in different scenarios


Inevitably, large and small companies will amass a suprising number of tools to store data. Dropbox, Sharepoint, Document Management Systems all contain important documents and in order to find what is relevant, manual search have to be conducted in each silo. ayfie is the one-stop-tool to access all this information, no matter where it is stored with consistent search and filter capabilities that span all data sources.

Service Provider

In many tools, PII identification is based on regular expressions and very prone to false positives. Therefore there is inherent risk on workflows that rely on technology, increasing the amount of human intervention that needs to happen in the process. ayfie’s context-based PII identification avoids many false posititives by looking at the linguistic context of PII data, therefore enabling workflows that benefit much more from automation and are therefore much quicker.

Law Firm

ayfie’s technology integrates itself seamlessly into a firm’s technology landscape. No need to change existing tools or silos, all information and relevant data will show up in ayfie’s UI. Thus, a legal worker can access precedent, knowledge base articles, their own prior work and a client’s case data through the same interface, enabling much more effective and collaborative information access.

Public Sector

Companies or municipalities regulary release content on internal or external sites. These published documents can however include information about individuals - some of it may need to be published, some of it must not. ayfie’s solution can continuously monitor relevant sites to avoid any unexpected leakage.

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