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Save Time, Money, Resources

We care about helping you find and use your data, so you can be more effective and less frustrated.


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The Smart Way to Manage Your Data

Workers spend 20 % of their workday searching for data. What if they didn't have to?

Ayfie helps your team find their documents across multiple systems and applications, so you can locate and manage all your data.
Users can collect and create insights and structured knowledge - all from only one platform.



All Data Unified

Gather all data through a wide set of connectors and refiners. Direct access across repositories. 

So you can find all your data faster - in one place - no matter where it is stored.

Connect all your data to Ayfie
Work on data in Locator

Streamline Audit & Compliance

Set automated reports for guarding sensitive data. Know instantly where personally identifiable information is residing.

Manage risk and stay compliant - in minutes instead of hours.

Supervisor monitors all sensitive data
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Connect to Your Future

Ayfie offers a wide range of connectors, from Office 360 to ePhorte, Acos Websak and Salesforce, to mention a few.

Our team is always building new connectors to applications, so you can gather the data you need to create your future. 



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