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Harness your data with powerful tools to drive speed to insights across your data set.

  • Instant insight into data: Instantly identify the people, organizations, locations and concepts in your data.
  • Understand all content no matter the size: Dive deep into both structured and unstructured content starting with a single document and ranging up to petabytes of textual data.
  • Natural approach to work: Our search functionality allows the user to create queries in a way that makes sense and accounts for human behavior, such as fixing misspellings, exclusion of redundant information and finding a way to filter the content down to useful elements.
  • Cutting edge analytics: Be a leader with text analytics that understands text and documents– not as a machine but almost like a human.
  • Identify risk immediately: Every piece of PII is exposed so you can quickly understand the prevalence within your data set and come up with a proactive strategy to deal with it up front.
  • Leverage 30 years of computational linguistic research:  Leverage linguistic fluency across many relevant languages including most Western Languages and CJK. Fall back on traditional statistical methods for all other languages.


Leverage the most advanced analytics to save time and money.

ayfie supports Corporations by instantly surfacing insights related to any matter type: compliance, litigation, investigation - with the bonus of surfacing PII and other sensitive information from the start.

This advanced functionality also comes with built-in efficiencies that help reduce the external spend and internal effort related to eDiscovery and other data-intensive tasks.

With our eDiscovery ROI calculator, you can do the math yourself and find out how much money you can save.



  • Mitigate risk
    There is a risk as soon as the first document leaves your environment. You can limit those risks by proactively identifying damaging documents containing PII, intellectual property, products in development, highly sensitive or potentially embarrassing information.
  • Reduce spend
    Leverage built-in efficiencies to reduce external spend by your vendors and outside counsel while keeping the strain off of your internal resources.
  • Harness your data
    Build a true knowledge management program by using ayfie’s data insights to streamline your collection, culling and review processes case by case to lower document counts and review costs on future matters.

Experience pioneering eDiscovery.

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