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Differentiate your services with powerful tools to drive speed to insights across your data set.

  • Instant insight into data: Instantly identify the people, organizations, locations and concepts in your data.
  • Understand all content no matter the size: Dive deep into both structured and unstructured content starting with a single document and ranging up to petabytes of textual data.
  • Cutting edge analytics: Be a leader with text analytics that understands text and documents – not as a machine but almost like a human.
  • Identify risk immediately: Every piece of PII is exposed so you can quickly understand the prevalence within your data set and come up with a proactive strategy to deal with it up front.
  • Leverage 30 years of computational linguistic research: Leverage linguistic fluency across many relevant languages, including most Western Languages and CJK. Fall back on traditional statistical methods for all other languages.
  • Full API access for power users: We expose our full API to allow you to innovate in your way. Our current partners have been building cutting edge offerings that are proprietary to them all on our API.


Harness your client’s data to save time and money.

ayfie supports Legal Service Providers by instantly surfacing insights related to any data search: compliance, litigation, investigation – the possibilities are endless.

The best part is that you can pass on the gained efficiency to your clients to build stronger and long lasting relationships.

With our eDiscovery ROI calculator, you can do the math yourself and find out how much money you can save for your clients.



  • Increase margins
    Attain quicker speed to insight as well as better review throughput and quality.
  • Differentiate services
    Leverage analytics that is based on actual language through a natural approach to work and navigation.
  • Build new revenue streams
    Create new workflows and high-value consulting opportunities with access to the information you have never had before.

Experience pioneering eDiscovery.

Learn how ayfie's solution can help you collaborate, innovate and make smarter decisions faster today.