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Power your technology with tools that drive speed to insights for your end-users.

  • Instant insight into data: Instantly identify the people, organizations, locations and concepts in your data.
  • Understand all content no matter the size: Dive deep into both structured and unstructured content starting with a single document and ranging up to petabytes of textual data.
  • Leverage 30 years of computational linguistic research: Leverage linguistic fluency across many relevant languages, including most Western Languages and CJK. Fall back on traditional statistical methods for all other languages.
  • Identify risk immediately: Every piece of PII is exposed so you can quickly understand the prevalence within your data, come up with a proactive strategy and deal with it upfront.
  • Cutting edge analytics: Be a leader with text analytics that understands text and documents – not as a machine but almost like a human.
  • Full API access for power users: We expose our full API to allow you to innovate in your way. Our current partners have been building cutting edge offerings that are proprietary to them all on our API.


ayfie provides partners with leading-edge technology, comprehensive APIs and dedicated support.

  • Power technology-aided review, early case assessment or any other application with ayfie's industry-leading text analytics technology.
  • Access a robust feature set via flexible APIs, and never miss a patch, update or build.
  • You will always be able to reach an expert anytime you have questions. We even offer dedicated Slack channels for our partners.
  • Full marketing support includes co-branded materials, access to our marketing strategists, a website link, etc.
  • Option to white-label our technology.
  • Intuitive
    Search using intuitive queries, not complex expressions or variables.
  • Thorough
    Entities, concepts and PII are extracted immediately and presented for thorough use and analysis by the end user.
  • Robust
    The deployment includes all entities, concept extractions as well as eMail threading, near-dupe analysis, modeling, conceptual clustering.

Transform your business today.

Being an ayfie technology partner gives you overnight access to groundbreaking analytics that will put the competition to shame. Give your users what they want – and your bottom line what it needs.