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ayfie's Compliance and Investigation suite includes tools to identify PII and sensitive data at the enterprise level as well as post-collection during an investigation or litigation review:

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ayfie’s advanced capabilities help uncover insights across your data to speed up investigation time and reduce the risk of missing information.

  • Instant understanding: Instantly identify the people, organizations, locations and concepts in your data to find connections immediately.
  • No size limit: Dive deep into both structured and unstructured content starting with a single document and ranging up to petabytes of textual data.
  •  A simple interface makes investigations easy: Leverage an analytics engine that understands text and documents – not like a machine but almost like a human.
  • Identify risk immediately: Every piece of PII is exposed so you can quickly understand the prevalence within your dataset and come up with a proactive strategy to deal with it upfront.
  • Access to common or custom data repositories: Secure entry into file shares, enterprise content management solutions, cloud services, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)/ Material Requirements Planning (MRP) systems and more.
  • Rapid incident response:  When an incident occurs, you can rapidly understand who is affected, the impact of the data breach and quickly generate both summary and detailed reports for the data in question.
  • Data portability:  Export reports into third-party applications for analysis as well as easily export and transfer PII in a readable, usable format, like PDF or CSV to enable use across your full suite of analytics tools.



62% of organizations have experienced a critical risk event in the past three years.

Of those organizations that experienced a critical risk event, they saw the most significant consequences (producing large or severe impact) in the following categories*:

  • Employee productivity (62%)
  • Operational efficiency (e.g. disrupted systems, processes etc. - 59%)
  • Employee safety (29%)
  • Competitive differentiation (29%)
  • Brand and reputation (28%)

Use advanced technology to drive results.

Only 30% of internal audit departments effectively leverage advanced data analytics to identify and assess risk**.

Be a business leader by leveraging ayfie's advanced technology during your incident investigation and response.



*Source: Disaster Recovery Journal / Forrester Research, The State of Enterprise Risk Management, 2019

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