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Rapidly create connections in eDiscovery to uncover relevant relationships faster.

  • Swiftly cull documents: Quickly gather data early in a case to reduce the cost and time associated with processing and review.
  • Contextualize core facts: Understand, create connections and identify relationships between relevant entities in documents.
  • Recreate email threads: Normalize subject lines, individuals and message content to help uncover important connections.
  • Precise and actionable insight: Provide pathways into the content of unstructured documents including Microsoft Word files, emails, PowerPoint slides and PDFs.
  • Cluster and categorize documents: Accelerate research and gain an understanding of large content repositories.
  • Emoji support: Use extracted emojis as filters to cull down documents.


We derive conceptual meaning from small and large datasets, documents and text.

This is done by using a combination of machine learning and linguistics. With robust and customizable dictionaries and grammars, ayfie analyzes the meaning across sentences, paragraphs, or an entire document.



With incredible accuracy, ayfie trains on large datasets to find similar concepts in document collections.

ayfie’s toolset examines:

  • individual words
  • their application and context
  • how frequently they appear together

This allows us to identify patterns across millions of documents using advanced mathematics and hundreds of dimensions. 

Identify patterns in millions of documents.

Technology aided review with ayfie.

ayfie enables systems for the electronic aspect of identifying, collecting and producing electronically stored information (ESI) in response to a request for production in a law suit or investigation. ayfie powers technology-aided review (TAR) through collection, processing, securing, organization and search. Both the document store and the linguistic technology run in a highly distributed architecture which maintains as well as performance for data sets.

From small collections up to petabytes of data, ayfie can handle it all.