Knowledge Discovery

Knowledge Discovery enables employees to find data easily, even the information that they did not know existed. It puts an end to restrictive data silos, transforms user experience and increases productivity.

ayfie's main product for Knowledge Discovery:

ayfie product overview:

ayfie indexes and structures content at lightning speed so you can vastly accelerate knowledge discovery.

  • Empower employees: Instantly find and use documents and data from any storage location. 
  • Better content management: Leverage content across platforms and environments.
  • Extract insights from unstructured content: Eliminate the need to manually search through multiple document management systems, file servers, mailboxes or databases.
  • Improve collaboration: Create opportunities for meaningful collaboration and knowledge sharing between individuals and departments.
  • Index over 450 file types: Rapidly index, normalize and understand both structured and unstructured content from over 450 file types, including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, HTML files, emails and more.
  • Get results fast: Retrieve relevant results based on sophisticated proprietary algorithms — at breakneck speed.


Unify all of your data and see what knowledge discovery really looks like.

When discovery is essential, reveal information that was once hidden away. Now instantly accessible from a single search bar – with information access rights still enforced.

ayfie Locator’s pre-built connectors for leading ECM systems, email servers, database technologies and cloud services make setup a breeze. Forget expansive customization tasks; all you need to do is configure a few basic settings in the existing platforms.



  • Intuitive
    Search using intuitive queries, not complex expressions or variables.
  • Logical
    Forget about remembering exact file names or metadata; ayfie Locator looks deep into the content itself to deliver the most relevant results possible for knowledge discovery.
  • Secure
    Enjoy total security. ayfie Locator respects the security mechanisms of source systems.

Experience next-generation knowledge discovery.

Learn how your team can collaborate, innovate and make smarter decisions faster today.