Predictive Search

Predictive Search anticipates what users are searching for whilst typing into a search bar and assists them in real-time with smart suggestions that lead them quickly to relevant results.

ayfie's predictive search is available for:

ayfie product overview:

Empower your users to quickly find what they are seeking with predictive search.

  • Relevant results: Anticipates and delivers highly relevant results before the user has even finished typing.
  • Uncover content insights: Improve employees’ ability to cull information from unstructured content.
  • Deliver real search suggestions: Leverage ayfie's predictive search directly within ayfie Locator or ayfie Inspector to deliver real search suggestions, not predefined lists of “keywords,” plus feature the most beneficial content by prioritizing search results.
  • Retrieve data: Gain the ability to access all of your relevant content and use linguistic analysis to identify and index the data for smarter queries.
  • Customized ranking: Implement a ranking model based on your business goals.
  • Save time: Dramatically reduce the time users spend trying to find relevant content.


Deliver unparalleled content experiences to your users when you employ advanced predictive search.

When users interact with your structured or unstructured content, they know what they are looking for but often don’t know how to attain it. ayfie offers a truly predictive search solution within ayfie Locator and ayfie Inspector. It instantly connects users with relevant content, in context and with desirable search results.

Most websites and content access tools base their search “suggestions” on small, noisy query logs, providing little relevant information for users. ayfie's natural language processing and machine learning engines are highly capable of extracting meaning from underlying content and search queries then matching them in a logical, intuitive way thanks to over 30 years of linguistic research.