Data Subject Access Request

Definition: A Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) is a request from a data subject, e.g. a former employee, to be provided with a copy of the personal data being processed by a data controller and an explanation of the purposes for which the stored personal data is being used.

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ayfie empowers your incident response team
to handle data subject access requests with ease.

Do you store personal data about your employees? Each of these individuals can request information about this data at any time. Without suitable software, the effort required for this reporting can be business-threatening.

Since the introduction of the GDPR laws in May 2018, exorbitant fines have been threatened if required reports are not available for affected people within a short time. However, in an age of exponentially growing data volumes, numerous cloud providers, and a wide variety of data protection models, it is becoming increasingly difficult to meet the legal requirements without special solutions.

  • Which files are relevant? Quickly find files containing PII of the data subject.
  • Which PII was included? Get an instant overview of stored types of PII.
  • Which files need reporting? Easily generate a list of relevant documents.


1 Month

Whenever an individual files a legitimate request, data controllers must reply to the data subject within one month - making sure the report only includes data that can be shared.


The GDPR sets exorbitant fines of up to $24 million or 4% of the total worldwide turnover of the preceding financial year - whichever is higher - for infringements.


The cost per request starts at $200 and can run into the hundreds of thousands. The main cost drivers are verification, diverse technology, data volume and blurred requirements.

Detection of more than 200 types of PII - no matter where the data is stored.

ayfie recognizes more than 200 relevant types of personal data (names, ID numbers, credit card details) in unstructured documents, including in particular Word/PDF files, e-mails or presentations. Due to the efficient combination of linguistics and artificial intelligence, ayfie is able to automatically recognize and process these entities in over ten languages fluently. Compared to other solutions, ayfie's linguistic approach provides a significantly higher hit rate with unparalleled accuracy.

Due to the large number of connectors to different data sources, ayfie can access almost any conceivable document repository within a organization. All documents processed by ayfie are indexed, scanned for personal data and stored with the access rights of the original source. Thus, they are efficiently available at any time for searches, reports and risk analyses.



Jeanne Somma, ayfie's Legal Insights Executive and Counsel, provides provides an overview of how to use ayfie Inspector to handle Data Subject Access Requests efficiently.

It really is that easy!

  1. Select
    the relevant data set, e.g. in Relativity or ayfie Locator.

  2. Process
    all relevant data with predefined profiles and data subject's name variants.

  3. Retrieve
    instant results of relevant documents containing the data subject.

  4. Code
    efficiently without opening the native files.

  5. Generate
    a report containing all required information.

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