AI Summit is the world’s premier conference and exhibition series to examine the practical implications of AI for enterprise.

AI is transforming business productivity globally, and ayfie is working every day to proactively drive its innovation and evolution. We are delighted and honored to be a part of the largest conference in the world to explore the implications of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions.

Hear from over 100 speakers.

The AI Summit NYC is a showcase for US-based pioneers in the field of AI, including entrepreneurs and corporations from various verticals including:

  • retail
  • oil and gas
  • finance and banking
  • IT
  • energy
  • medical/healthcare
  • telco and media
  • transportation
  • tourism.

Participate and learn from over 100 speakers sharing strategic technical insights and knowledge. Every session promises to offer a wide range of views, examples and tools for maximizing the opportunities of AI.


ayfie is a proud sponsor of

Our expert team will be onsite to demonstrate ayfie’s advanced text analytics technology solutions based in over 30 years of linguistic research. ayfie’s solutions can structure unstructured data, correlate massive amounts of disparate content and uncover the connections that were previously unattainable. We advance the applications AI every day with software and solutions that possess human-like understanding.


Do not miss the chance to meet the team.

  • Heather Murphy
    Senior Director of Inbound Marketing

  • Meghan Wright
    Senior Enterprise Sales Professional

  • William R. "Biff" Waltman
    Senior Enterprise Sales Professional

  • Dennis Mulcahy
    SVP of Sales

  • Robert Wescott

  • Paul Gettmann
    Director of Product Management

  • Even Baklid
    Enterprise Sales Professional

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