ayfie provides leading search and text analytics solutions for legal, compliance, finance, healthcare and media.


30 years of research and experience in linguistics, computational linguistics and computer science have gone into our products. Using this knowledge, ayfie has created a unique platform that combines best-in-class search technology with an innovative text analytics engine to deliver efficiency and better insights from unstructured data to businesses in all industries in European and American markets.

ayfie is made up of entrepreneurial spirit, agile, collaborative and made from a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences. At our core, we value insightful creativity, cultural diversity and impassioned intelligence. We appreciate unique and motivated people who are striving for success and in the same breath welcome a work life balance lifestyle.

Our mission is to uncover truth through intelligent text analysis in the interests of justice, integrity and privacy.

From inception, all our products have been based in unique and advanced language processing technology.


Origins: The group’s first entity was founded near Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2009 and has since then launched an enterprise search platform, a predictive search component, a compliance solution and a powerful adaptable text analytics engine. The basis of all our products is a unique and advanced language processing technology extended with statistical analysis and machine learning components. We are proud to have Prof. Dr. Franz Guenthner, professor of Computational Linguistics at the LMU in Munich, as our Chief Scientist.

Since the merger of VirtualWorks and ayfie in March 2018, ayfie AS, ayfie AB, ayfie Inc. and ayfie GmbH are wholly owned business entities of ayfie Group AS. The group has grown to become one of the leading search companies offering intelligent knowledge discovery products and search solutions in the Nordics, Europe and United States. ayfie’s proprietary platform has been developed to include innovative technologies from the fields of big data, insight engines, advanced linguistic analysis and content analytics. ayfie’s knowledge, experience and technology lay the solid foundation for digital workplaces in companies in every industry.




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ayfie delivers scientifically-advanced linguistic technology and user-centric data analytics software.


ayfie leverages more than 30 years of research and experience in linguistics, computational linguistics and computer science. We provide text analytics solutions for eDiscovery, finance, publishing and compliance - all the text-heavy and highly regulated industries with a need for digesting and culling unstructured content.

Our platform extracts unique meaning and value from unstructured text making it a powerful tool capable of uncovering the value and insight in content at the right time.

ayfie’s machine learning model is fundamentally different from other text analytics companies. Other platforms treat words and letters as symbols or tokens. ayfie identifies meaning. Our technology provides aided intelligence and we deliver human-style analytics that assists our clients in doing their job faster and more accurately.

Our clients do not have to take on the responsibility of manually reading through endless documents of unstructured data or wasting countless hours analyzing massive amounts of content. ayfie makes sense of it for them.

Let us show your organization how our revolutionary text analytics platform can unlock valuable information hidden within unstructured data.

ayfie Group is an international team with sales office and development teams in Denver, Oslo, Munich, New York, Washington, London and Stockholm. Our team works across borders with customers, support, innovation projects and development.