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"With ayfie, we can provide immediate access to the federal and state legislative and regulatory information that matters to our users."
— Dan Germain, SVP Technology & Chief Digital Officer at CQ Roll Call

ayfie powers CQ Roll Call with instantaneous predictive search of more than six million documents covering the people and politics of Capitol Hill.


  • The challenge of a massive database: CQ Roll Call offers a massive database; over 6 million documents are available, plus nearly half a million more are added each year. Legacy content management tools just couldn’t keep up with that much raw data.
  • Rapidly growing content: CQ Roll Call’s bank of information was far too large and fast-growing for any human (or group of humans) to realistically sort and tag manually. 
  • Improvement in search abilities within hours: ayfie’s unique five-step approach turned the media group’s massive amount of unstructured documents into an organized, searchable database in a matter of hours.
  • Relevant results: ayfie helped normalize the data to help uncover important connections and deliver rapid results. Today, CQ Roll Call UI, through a robust set of APIs, serves up highly relevant search results and proactive content alerts with essentially zero human interaction.

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