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"With ayfie, we could decrease our response time down to 3-4 seconds."
— Tom Bech Eriksen, Nordic Manager CRM, Storebrand

Storebrand reduced the time to find the information customers needed from 40 seconds to three seconds.


  • The challenge to create an advanced and efficient customer service center: Storebrand challenged itself to increase efficiency. They needed to motivate employees to handle a new business environment and provide them with access to all of the necessary information to manage customer requests effectively.
  • Easy, secure access was a must: Storebrand required the solution to be easily accessible, secure and to comply with all data security policies.
  • Needed to reduce processing time: They also needed to reduce operational processing time while adhering to financial laws.
  • Problem solved with a new CRM plus ayfie Locator: Storebrand deployed Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a front-end tool for the customer center employees, in combination with ayfie Locator, to provide access to relevant data rapidly. The results were tremendous.

Quick facts

Overview: The Storebrand Group is a leading player in the Nordic market for long-term savings and insurance.

Founded: 1767

Operations: The Storebrand Group manages more than NOK 700 billion, making Storebrand Norway's largest asset manager.

Employees: 1,745 (end 2016)

Share listed: Oslo Stock Exchange


Prior to ayfie, it took our customer services team 30-40 seconds to find information customers needed. Now our response time is down to three to four seconds. This has allowed us to decrease costs along with increasing customer satisfaction and revenue.

— Tom Bech Eriksen
Nordic Manager CRM, Storebrand


Slow search

  • Storebrand requested and needed increase search speed.
  • The former solution was taking up to 40 seconds to find information customers needed.

Digitalization changed business

  • Customer contact normally through media services now directly connected to the company CRM system.
  • The changes due to digitalization required increased focus on personalized service.


  • Digitalization increased compliance demands and meant the right information must be available at all times.
  • They needed to reduce operational processing time while adhering to financial laws.

Solutions & Outcomes

Product solution

  • ayfie Locator: Instantly find and use documents and data from any storage location.
  • ayfie's predictive search: Anticipates and delivers highly relevant results before the user is even finished typing and uncovers content insights.


  • Easy access to necessary information through Dynamics CRM to handle customer requests.
  • Now able to serve all users according to profile and requirements.


  • Reduced search time for information from 40 second down to three seconds.
  • Decreased costs while increasing customer satisfaction and revenue.

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