• Due to a digitalization process, Storebrand needed to change the way they did business
  • Customer contact normally through media, directly connected to the business’ CRM system
  • Increased compliance demands – right info available at anytime
  • Increased focus on personalized service

Prior to ayfie, it took our customer services team 30-40 seconds to find information customers needed. Now our response time is down to 3-4 seconds. This has allowed us to decrease costs along with increasing customer satisfaction and revenue.

Tom Bech Eriksen

After running a large project to develop an award winning, but static intranet platform in 2015, Skanska decided to improve its past investment by optimizing the diverse data silos with ayfie’s Enterprise Search and Information Retrieval Platform, ayfie Locator [aka viaworks]. With the new solution users can search through all data repositories from a single point of access, in every country and every language Skanska operates in. With all relevant data available at all times. Shortly after the implementation of the project, Skanska experienced a major increase in user adoption with more than 20.000 search queries per day on the new search platform.

Easy access to necessary information through Microsoft CRM to handle customer requests
Reduced search time for information from 40 second down to 3 seconds
Employees are more efficient and customers are satisfied

Storebrand dates back to 1767 and has provided occupational pensions to Norwegian employees since 1917. Today the Storebrand Group is a leading player in the Nordic market for long-term savings and insurance, managing more than NOK 570 billion, making Storebrand Norway’s largest asset manager.

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