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Text Analysis and Classification API's for Developers


Ayfie APIs provide managed, care-free access to the best of what no-code/low-code programming for Natural language processing (NLP) Machine Learning (ML) has to offer.

Whatever text analysis tools you need, the online machine has already been trained for you by us  – you simply enter the text you need processed, and it responds immediately.


Enjoy free access to:

Our technology does the heavy lifting for you, and returns the results directly back to your application - without storing your data. 


Oh, and the best part?
All our REST APIs are FREE and available in JSON!

Our API Services


Online document converter that supports 550+ file formats (such as PDF, XLSX, DOCX, TIF or TXT).

Drag and drop your files directly in the Ayfie portal or use the API to integrate the document converter in your app and all text will be extracted.


Document2Text API Screenshot


Entity Extractor API Screenshot


Entity Extraction

Entity extraction is the feature of detecting and extracting terms of high semantic value.

Typical entities would be names of persons, places and organizations, but it can also be concepts such as for instance "war on drugs", "climate change" or "women's rights". 

Entity Extraction

Keyword Extraction


A keyword or keyphrase extractor uses state-of-the-art language models to extract words from a body of text that are considered to be especially representative of the overall meaning of the text.

Using a keyword extractor is great for document tagging, navigation and search.

Keyword Extraction

Keyword Extractor API Screenshot


Sentiment Analysis API Screenshot


Sentiment Analysis


With the rise of applications and fully digital user journeys the need to process feedback from users, clients and consumers have never been bigger.

Using sentiment analysis, it is easier navigate and manage the perfect customer journey.

Sentiment Analysis





Do you have large volumes of text, articles or other documents that you would like to be summarized in just a few clicks?

The Ayfie online summarize tool is an automatic text summarizer to summarize free text online that an also be added to your applications as an API.


Summarizer API Screenshot


Translator API Screenshot



Free translator API service to instantly translate words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100+ other languages for your app, website or whatever usage.





Evolving together

In Ayfie we believe in developing services that our clients and partners need. One way we ensure this is to sharing the services in an early development stage, so that we can learn from the users on how to improve and add functionality they really need.

Where we go from here, we will decide based on your feedback.



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