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About ayfie: ayfie offers search and text analytics solutions that bring structure to unstructured data. Its extensive feature set combines AI with more than 30 years of expertise in linguistics, computational linguistics and computer science to extract meaning from text. Professionals across the legal, finance, healthcare and media industries use ayfie’s powerful text analytics engine to efficiently identify critical insights, conduct smart search and power business intelligence solutions.

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​​​Annual Report 2019
Report from the Board of Directors

2019 was overall a challenging year for ayfie Group. There were positive developments in the Scandinavian business through sales of the new Locator of Knowledge Management product to leading Norwegian law firms. Whereas the US business was halted by integration issues with the Inspector product and a partner dispute related to the Document Analyzer product, delaying the planned 2019 launch of both products.

Locations, business overview and operations
ayfie Group AS (“the Company”) is the parent company of the ayfie Group (“the Group” or “ayfie”) and is located in Oslo, Norway. The Company owns 100 percent of the shares in ayfie AS in Norway, ayfie AB in Sweden, ayfie GmbH in Germany and ayfie Inc. in the USA (“US”).
ayfie is operating in the Norwegian, Swedish and US markets. The Scandinavian companies are providing knowledge management products for law firms and other Scandinavian knowledge businesses. The US company is focusing on the US legal services and financial markets, while the German company is the research and development hub for advanced NLP and machine learning.

ayfie’s products are based on Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) enhanced solutions built on proprietary linguistics, machine learning, smart search and text analytics. ayfie’s technology and solutions are developed by the Group’s highly qualified research and development teams - among them computational linguistics experts and computer scientists.


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