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  • Power technology-aided review, early case assessment, contract analysis or any other application with ayfie's industry-leading text analytics technology.
  • Access a robust feature set via flexible APIs, and never miss a patch, update or build.
  • Have questions? You will always be able to reach a competent support manager. We even have dedicated Slack channels for our OEM partners.
  • Want more from ayfie? OEM partners have exclusive access to our new feature request portal and interact directly with our dedicated product managers.
  • Full marketing support includes co-branded materials, access to our marketing strategists, a website link and more. White-label our technology or highlight us as a partner: It's your call.

Technology-Aided Review

The ayfie text analytics platform sits behind some of the most advanced TAR platforms in today's eDiscovery marketplace. ayfie is not another "AI" tool; we go beyond artificial to extract meaning and context from electronically stored data (ESI), then present reviewers with highly actionable, organized information. No matter the size of the dataset, with ayfie, unstructured content has met its match.

A thorough, defensible work product begins with an organized content corpus. ayfie's ability to extract and utilize both entities and terminology from documents makes it uniquely suited to cull massive datasets and allow reviewers to focus their efforts efficiently.

ayfie's text analytics engine can turn your platform into a must-have for organizations with massive amounts of contracts. Structure key information, identify potential problems and even add pre-vetted clauses on the fly. We have the tools to help you expand beyond the eDiscovery "basics."

The ayfie OEM Partner Program gives you overnight access to groundbreaking technology that will put the competition to shame. Give your users what they want – and your bottom line what it needs.

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