ayfie Inspector

ayfie Inspector is a powerful text analyzer that lets you find crucial information within your structured or unstructured content.

Find the information you need — quickly
ayfie Inspector provides a modern and defensible approach to the data sets of today’s litigation. ayfie Inspector’s linguistics-based feature engineering is a critical differentiation which adds structure to vast amounts of text-based content for rapid filtering.  

Intuitive queries make even massive amounts of data easy-to-search
Leveraging aided intelligence, ayfie immediately identifies redundant information through familiar workflows including email threading for inclusive materials and accurate near-dupe analysis. Most importantly, ayfie adds intuitive data querying to explore massive data sets with ease. The new ability to use ayfie Inspector in “Fact Finding” drives immediate results. 

Empowers the legal industry and deploys easily
You can take advantage of its proven capabilities to increase your company’s efficiency, productivity and profitability, in the legal industry. Plus, ayfie Inspector deploys easily the leading technology stacks. 



User friendly interface

Easy-to-use interface: Intuitive screen design with data visualizations that make everything easier-to-see.

Predictive search: Locate discrete entities or terms with real-time, anticipatory search suggestions.

Unique text analytics engine: Benefit from a smart engine that doesn’t require training documents and works on any size corpus.

Cluster and categorize: Speed up research and aggregate understanding of large content bases with easy-to-read labels.

Rapid eDiscovery

Internet-like search: Search your documents with the same ease as using your favorite internet search engines.

Uncover clues: Reveal key players, facts and insights previously locked away in massive amounts of unstructured content.

View email threads: Normalize subject lines, people and message content for quick comprehension.

Access all content: Enable the availability of structured and unstructured content for in-depth semantic analytics, data extraction and content aggregation.

Seamless workflows

Comprehensive API: Power comprehensive workflows.

Works on eDiscovery platforms: Integrate Inspector to maximize existing technology investments.

Save time and money: Automatically cull large content collections rapidly and reduce data processing and hosting costs and working hours.

Agile development: ayfie ensures flexible handling of feature requests. Premium support: Optional support plans are available.

ayfie Inspector processing workflow

The ayfie Inspector workflow combines over 30 years of in-depth academic linguistic research with advanced technology.



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