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Turn your data into a true knowledge resource

Empower your team to find the data you need across multiple applications and systems. Work on data and collaborate. All in one platform.


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How to Become a better Searcher using Locator or any other search tool

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Find and use your data

With Ayfie Locator enterprise indexing and search software, you only need one platform.

Increase productivity and gain greater IT agility without losing control.

Help your employees find and use information they didn't know existed.


Ayfie Locator includes features for filtering

Down to the core

Find the needle in the haystack by filtering your search.

Index information quickly and to the point, finding documents by source, format, etc.

The results can always be filtered down further using document metadata such as modification date, author, organization, people, location or key topics.


Locator Enterprise Search
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Optimize your workflow

Cut down the steps of your workflow and limit the amount of time you search for your content.

Maintain control

Choose what repositories, apps and systems to connect, and which users get access to the different data.

Easy setup

Pre-built connectors for leading ECM systems, email clients, database technologies and cloud services make setup a breeze.

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and full control

While Locator helps you find files and their respective locations from different sources in  one single search bar, all rights management remains securely in place to protect content and maintain control over distribution.

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User optimization

Enjoy free training of the solution from our  team, or order a technical "Health Check" to ensure that the products are optimized for your usage.


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