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With the integration of ayfie’s next generation technology, the ONE Discovery solution will allow our customers to maintain greater control over the ever-growing data sets and more effectively manage large and small corpuses. By partnering with ayfie, ONE Discovery continues to provide the advanced review toolset our customers need to manage their data and their businesses.
- Elie Francis, President and CEO of ONE Discovery, Inc.

Obtain next-generation eDiscovery functionalities and manage your vast amounts of data more efficiently with integrated ayfie Inspector.

Gain optimized functionalities for ONE Discovery's Technology Aided Review (TAR) and Early Case Assessment (ECA) modules.

Finding the right information at the right time: Leveraging ayfie’s sophisticated text analytics technology, ONE Discovery's platform uses local grammar to understand, organize and target relevant topics with ease, hence enabling clients to access information more quickly.

High accuracy for analyzing any size of data: The integrated technology is built with robust and customizable dictionaries and grammars to provide incredible accuracy when adding structure to unstructured content.

Ease of use: ayfie's solution surfaces critical aided intelligence directly within ONE Discovery for better visibility, control and precision. The combination of text analytics with an intuitive, modern user interface and user-friendly controls leads to insights at a fast pace.

Understand what this integration means for you.

As the number of documents involved in legal review continues to increase, organizations require quality tools that align with the task at hand. The powerful integration of ayfie Inspector in the ONE Discovery platform allows you to manage large and small corpuses more effectively. Find out more!

one discovery