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Your data is locked in vaults 
Ayfie brings it to your desk.

Technology for a single source of truth.

How it works: The Ayfie Technology Core

A unique framework based on linguistic resources paired with Artificial Intelligence forms the core of our platform.


Universal Index

Ayfie's flagship products, Locator and Supervisor, are both built on a foundation that we refer to as the Universal Index.

The Universal Index is a very powerful solution that, in its essence, unifies all of the data from the repositories, apps and external sources it connects to and make it accessible.

The Universal Index leverages connectors to ingest the data from the sources you want to connect. They can be configured in such a way that they understand your data structure so that all your data, whether it is metadata, structured, or unstructured data will be ingested correctly.

There are over 60 connectors available out of the box and new ones are continuously being added, either by special request or popular demand.

Ayfie can work with almost all standard software for information management from CRM systems to online cloud storage. The Connector SDK provides a streamlined way to integrate even more systems and databases.

Connect your data with Ayfie


A connector links things together. For our technology, we build connectors that allow us to easily and securely extract and connect data across repositories - from both structured and unstructured data.

Using connectors gives you the ability to connect your data between apps and systems, using only one entry point. This enables easier analyses from more data with a high level of security for the information extracted.

Connectors correspond with the already existing permissions of a document, so you never have to worry about controlling access to sensitive documents.

Today we offer over 60+ pre-built connectors to some of the most used data management systems and apps. In case you need a connector we currently do not offer, we will gladly assist you in building it.

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OCR Technology

All the ingested data is converted by the built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine.

OCR technology makes it possible to not just recognize and convert text files, data sheets and other forms of structured data, it can also find text ‘hidden’ in image files, PDFs and scanned documents.

All the data is converted to rich text which requires less calculating power, storage space, and it makes it a lot faster to find what you’re looking for.

Mirroring Documents

The Universal Index is a mirror of your data landscape and documents.

The index continuously crawls all your connected sources to either ingest new data or remove the data that has been removed from the original source.

This means that you won’t find data in Ayfie's solutions that does not exist in the connected sources. It also mirrors the folder structures so that you can easily dig down and narrow down your search surface.

Access Rights & Security

There are always some documents that need to stay within certain departments.

Ayfie's solution is connected to your Identity and Access management solution, i.e. Active Directory, to ensure that your users will not be able to find data that they don’t have access to in the original source.

Because we know you need confidentiality, easy security and compliance.

Smart Classifiers

With Ayfie Smart Classifiers, we introduce smart filters that learn from you. Simply give our AI assistant some examples of what you are looking for and take a coffee break - when you return you will easily be able to find the  needle in the haystack.

It is easy to understand the feedback from the AI assistant, and if it needs more examples to understand what you mean, it will help you find them. We also have a selection of trained AI assistants ready for use without training, that have already proved valuable for, among other areas, municipalities and legal organizations.

When Smart Refiners customizes your data, it automatically searches through a wide range of machine learning algorithms to ensure you find what you are looking for. 

The best part? You do not have to be a Data Scientist to use Smart Refiners, it is easy to use for all!

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