Organizations around the globe use RelativityOne's complete, connected eDiscovery software to analyze data around litigation, investigations, compliance, and more.

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Access ayfie within Relativity on prem and RelativityOne

Gain a competitive advantage with analytics, visual search and workflow firmly rooted in 30 years of linguistic research.

Highly scalable text analytics: ayfie provides a powerful engine that indexes, understands and organizes massive amounts of content at lightning speed – all within the Relativity® ecosystem - both on prem and in the cloud.

Entity identification, normalization, data visualization and analytics: ayfie combines these to add power to Relativity® workflows and give lawyers, investigators and knowledge workers the ability to extract value and meaning from unstructured content.

Power workflows: Improve data breach notificationdata subject access requests (DSAR), early case assessment (ECA), M&A due diligence and contract portfolio review.

Enhance Relativity’s native capabilities to easily identify risks and quickly get to the truth of the matter.

ayfie Inspector deploys easily in the leading technology stack of Relativity®. It provides a modern and defensible approach to the data sets of today’s litigation. ayfie Inspector’s linguistics-based feature engineering is a critical differentiation which adds structure to vast amounts of text-based content for rapid filtering.

Identify redundancy to help get to the facts — faster
Leveraging aided intelligence, ayfie immediately identifies redundant information through familiar workflows including email threading for inclusive materials and accurate near-dupe analysis. Most importantly, ayfie adds intuitive data querying to explore massive data sets with ease. The new ability to use ayfie Inspector in “Fact Finding” drives immediate results.

The results? Supercharged workflows, intuitive content search and actionable analytics. 

Gain all of the advantages of ayfie Inspector while retaining the power of Relativity®.


Power Features

Entitiy Extraction: ayfie's linguistic approach does not rely on frequency, it can be even applied to smaller collections of data and short messages to better explore the data without the guesswork.

Emoji Extraction: Both Unicode [] and ASCII [:-)] types of emojis are supported and can be used as filters by including and or excluding them from a search.

eMail Threading: ayfie’s brand-new email threading mechanism ensures flexible ways of navigating potentially compromising conversations in order to uncover hot documents faster and more efficiently. It reconstructs the threading structure of millions upon millions of emails even if some metadata might be missing.

Advanced text-analytics

Highly scalable and extensible: The ayfie core is built on a highly scalable and highly extensible engine to analyze petabytes of information related to compliance, investigation, litigation or knowledge discovery quickly and easily.

eDiscovery application: ayfie Inspector can be used as soon as text and metadata are available. It dramatically reduces the number of hosted native files that need to be reviewed after analysis.

Find even hidden PII: ayfie Inspector can handle all types of data and variations of PII within data. It provides a unique approach to finding hidden personally identifiable ­information in your data to enable i­n­­ves­tiga­tions even at the largest corporations and service providers.

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Integrated, easy-to-use and best-of-breed.

Explore our powerful features:

  • Email threading
  • Near-dupe detection
  • Concept and entity identification
  • Human-readable cluster labels
  • Intuitive search and filtering
  • Privacy review & breach analysis



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