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GDPR Compliance with Personal Information Identification & Reporting

Always know where sensitive data is stored, how secure it is, and how it complies with regulations

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Supervisor Ayfie Compliance Risk tool

Gain control over your data

When you need to stay compliant with GDPR, governing sensitive information and personal data, in the most efficient way. Easily manage automatic reports that notify you regularly, to track and locate the sensitive information you store.


For you.

For your team.

For your clients.


Supervisor from Ayfie


Connect to all your data silos, including the Windows environment and other systems and apps.

Extract personal information from your documents with advanced NLP techniques.

Locate where sensitive data lives, even within screenshots or images.

Improve Workflow Optimization

  • Perform risk analysis and compliance audits

  • Reduce data privacy risk

  • Prepare their contingency plans & procedures

  • Responding Data Breaches

  • Process Data Subject Access Request (DSARs) within minutes

  • Detect data leakage in real time

Ayfie Supervisor for sensitive data



Data breach notification

When a data breach occurs, you have 72 hours to react. Quickly learn what personal information was involved in a breach.

Discover what and how much information, as well as the degree to the sensitivity, is affected.  Learn who you need to notify. Visualize findings in dashboard to easily assess the degree of severity of the situation.

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Get instant data breach notifications with Supervisor from Ayfie

Risk analysis & Compliance audits

Assess risk associated with each repository, plan ahead with accuracy.

Assess risk with Supervisor from Ayfie

Data subject access report

Locate all personal information about requester, export document in no time.

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Access all personal information instantly

Data leakage

The only way to ensure compliance and reduce risks of fines is to have a clear and regular verification process.

Manage data leakage with Supervisor
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