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Access ayfie Inspector in the Relativity® App Hub to get the most out of your investment.

Gain a competitive advantage with analytics, visual search and workflow firmly rooted in 30 years of linguistic research.

Highly scalable text analytics: ayfie Inspector is a powerful engine that indexes, understands and organizes massive amounts of content at lightning speed – all within the Relativity® ecosystem.

Entity identification, normalization, data visualization and analytics: ayfie combines these to add power to Relativity® workflows and give lawyers, investigators and knowledge workers the ability to extract value and meaning from unstructured content.

Power workflows: Improve early case assessment (ECA), technology-assisted review (TAR), M&A due diligence and contract portfolio review.

Enhance Relativity’s native capabilities to easily identify risks and quickly get to the truth of the matter.

ayfie Inspector deploys easily in the leading technology stack of Relativity®. It provides a modern and defensible approach to the data sets of today’s litigation. ayfie Inspector’s linguistics-based feature engineering is a critical differentiation which adds structure to vast amounts of text-based content for rapid filtering.

Identify redundancy to help get to the facts — faster
Leveraging aided intelligence, ayfie immediately identifies redundant information through familiar workflows including email threading for inclusive materials and accurate near-dupe analysis. Most importantly, ayfie adds intuitive data querying to explore massive data sets with ease. The new ability to use ayfie Inspector in “Fact Finding” drives immediate results.

The results? Supercharged workflows, intuitive content search and actionable analytics. 

Gain all of the advantages of ayfie Inspector while retaining the power of Relativity®.


Dramatically enhance the leading eDiscovery platform, Relativity.®

Continuous Active Learning

Human input, fast learning: The Continuous Active Learning (CAL) method is similar to an online retail store making product recommendations based on a user’s previous product selections. Users review and tag a small portion of the data set in a Google-like search experience which is used to train the ayfie CAL module powered by Sentio. 

Advanced prediction engine: The prediction engine is a mathematical model and orders data from most-to-least relevant. With each new document tagged, the model becomes more accurate. After a model reaches a particular quality measure, the model is applied to the entire data set. ayfie CAL can seamlessly integrate additional data on a rolling basis during the training of the model.

Advanced text-analytics

Highly scalable and extensible: The ayfie core is built on a highly scalable and highly extensible engine to analyze “text lakes” for knowledge, compliance, investigation, litigation and monitoring of petabytes of information.

Workflow: ayfie Inspector sits between processing and review in the traditional eDiscovery workflow.

Find even hidden PII: ayfie Inspector can handle all types of data, including email and office files. It provides a unique approach to finding hidden PII in your data to enable investigations even at the largest corporations and service providers.

ayfie Inspector for Relativity® - Integrated, easy-to-use and best-of-breed.


Explore our powerful features:

  • Email threading
  • Near-dupe
  • Concept and entity identification
  • Continuous Active Learning (CAL)
  • Human-readable cluster labels
  • Intuitive search and filtering
  • Data breach analysis