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Through a better and more personalized search solution which leverages existing company assets Skanska has increased employee engagement and created more valuable insights for its more than 41000 employees.

Our intranet and the whole digital workplace builds our common culture, our values and our strategy, and we need to ensure that employees have access to both global and local information, regardless of where they are.

Hanna Karppi

  • Skanska wanted Search to play an essential role in their Digital Workplace “OneSkanska”.
  • Former Search Solution (GSA) did not provide the required functionality for the worldwide launch of their Digital Worksplace
  • Internal users complained about lack of features like: Preview, OCR, Drill-down, access to all Data-Sources, language support, synonyms and much more.
  • Search did not take into account employees’ roles and country of origin, nor preferred languages and content topics.
  • With International operations Skanska had major issues with language support and personalized results, which users demanded.

No other search solution could provide all required features.

Hanna Karppi

After running a large project to develop an award winning, but static intranet platform in 2015, Skanska decided to improve its past investment by optimizing the diverse data silos with VirtualWorks’ Enterprise Search and Information Retrieval Platform, viaworks. With the new solution users can search through all data repositories from a single point of access, in every country and every language Skanska operates in. With all relevant data available at all times. Shortly after the implementation of the project, Skanska experienced a major increase in user adoption with more than 20.000 search queries per day on the new search platform.

We want to take our search experience to the next level and feel that VirtualWorks can deliver the best solution for us. Search will play an essential role in our global digital workplace and our aim is to build a companywide enterprise search.

Hanna Karppi

Quality of the results and Performance
Language support
Spell Checking and Synonyms
All data repositories integrated
Serve all users according to profile and requirements

Fewer zero results
Faster research times
Faster access to relevant content
Increased user satisfaction
Improved search experience

Skanska is one of the world’s leading construction and project development companies, focused on selected home markets in the Nordics, other European countries and North America.

Founded: 1887
Operations: Construction and development of commercial property, residential and public private partnership (PPP) projects
Employees: 41,000 (2016)
Share listed: NASDAQ Stockholm


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