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The age of AI brings the ability to surface insights across large data sets. We can now educate ourselves on what our data holds as soon as a document has been saved.

What if we leveraged that ability to identify information that could have a significant impact on a deal, project, employee incident, or lawsuit in the future – earlier and even as the document was saved?

This presentation explores ways to extract insights from your data as it’s created and then how to use that information proactively to save time, money and limit risk as the data is used in the future. Become the master of your data – so you can be the master of your spend and risk profile wherever data is used.

Making your data work for you.

Imagine a world where you could understand the insights your data holds as new documents are saved.

If we leverage techniques and tools to learn from our data and then proactively monitor it at the source - that fantasy can become a reality.


Presentation goals

  • Understand how data, analytics and insights join forces to allow for total understanding of your company’s documents.
  • Discuss the current state of insight extraction and finding patterns in data.
  • Reveal how to better manage your data by learning from the past and being proactive in the future.


  • Jeanne Somma
    Legal Insights Executive and Counsel


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