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Recent Episodes

Jeanne Somma, insights executive and counsel with ayfie and seasoned eDiscovery practitioner and Johannes Stiehler, CEO of ayfie and a linguist at heart discuss how to recognize and solve some of the challenges of discovering and protecting textual information. If you are a legal practitioner, data security officer or just interested in data privacy, listen on. If not, you might still be entertained.

  • title-chaos-in-the-backyard
    • November 9, 2020
    • Chaos in the backyard
    • Episode 4
    • It’s a well known secret that there is chaos in the data backyards of almost all companies. While we struggle to create and implement policies, guidelines and possibly regulatory compliance, everybody just keeps on creating documents, putting them wherever seems suitable, creating copies and versions. Do you care? Should you care? What can we do to get control of that chaos, where can we start and where can we look to get help? This episode tries to answer some of those questions although, honestly, there is chaos in our backyard too.

  • podcast-title
    • October 26, 2020
    • Data Piracy
    • Episode 3
    • In this very special episode we deviate a little bit from our focus on data privacy and talk about data piracy instead. More specifically, we shed some light on how Jeanne Somma became a lawyer by trade and technologist by accident. 
      We not only cover what could be considered career advice, but also touch upon the topics of usability, the Apple Newton, Norwegian-based companies and special-purpose outfits.