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Legal Tech Trends report quote on the potential: "Spreading the use of AI and automation tools out of practice silos and across the entire business."
— Richard Tromans, Founder Artificial Lawyer

2019 is the year of "AI" for the legal industry. Are you prepared to keep pace as the industry changes?

The legal tech market is evolving very quickly, so it has become essential for everyone working in the sector to stay up to date with the latest trends. This webinar recording, based on the results from ayfie's legal tech trends report, provides the current state of the industry as well as insight into what's to come.

Watch the recording and learn about the latest milestones, highlights and expectations for 2019 in legal tech.
You will gain a practical overview of the latest technology updates in the legal sector, based on ayfie's legal tech trends report. For this report, experts across the legal industry worldwide provided their opinion on the state-of-the-art of law technology and the digital transformation of the legal sector. This webinar recording covers exciting insights on how AI frees up more time for strategic work for lawyers, elevating the quality of outcomes and sharpening the competitive edge at the same time.

ayfie's legal expert Jeanne Somma is presenting this exciting webinar.
There is no better person to present this webinar recording than ayfie's very own Legal Insights Executive and Counsel Jeanne Somma. Mrs. Somma brings over a decade of experience in the legal industry, with strong expertise in eDiscovery, analytics application, and consultation regarding defensible uses of technology in document review and production. She understands the challenges that lawyers are facing when it comes to the use of legal tech (or the lack thereof), and will share valuable insights and tips.

What you will learn.

This 30-minute webinar recording covers:

  • Status quo digital transformation of the legal sector
  • Will AI reduce costs of legal services?
  • Recent legal tech highlights
  • Future legal tech innovations & challenges
  • Q&A


Why watch the webinar recording?

This webinar recording is important to anyone working in the legal sector who wants to stay up to date with the opportunities and challenges of legal tech. The market is evolving very quickly, and this webinar gives you a fast and insightful overview of what you need to know.


  • Heather Murphy
    Senior Director of Inbound Marketing

  • Jeanne Somma
    Legal Insights Executive and Counsel


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