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Almost all operations in ayfie are based on linguistically motivated document profiles.

eDiscovery sometimes requires the review of hundreds of thousands of documents
ayfie ingest each one as a sequence of tokens to help ensure each one is always searchable. During the ingestion process, we identify all the relevant terminology in the document. Terminology can consist of entity names, domain vocabulary or individual expressions such as acronyms, measurements, etc. This terminology is often not represented by single terms but by multi-word expressions. (e.g., “revenue sharing agreement” or “Jim McGhee”).

Learn how ayfie’s term groups can help save and time and money
ayfie groups these terms together based on spelling variants, inflectional forms and similar methodologies and enriches them with synonyms. The resulting term groups make up the document profile which is a linguistic signature that describes the document content at an abstract level. Term groups result in a faster, more accurate eDiscovery process and yields both time and financial savings for most legal firms. Learn about eDiscovery modules in this ayfie Whitepaper.

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