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RAG Powered Enterprise Solutions

We do more than just search and retrieve data from various sources.

We go beyond with RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) creating coherent, contextually relevant results. Giving you more intuitive and comprehensive understanding of your data, with insights like never before.

 RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation)

Improve AI Accuracy

We use advanced algorithms, data analysis, and search engines. Maintaining  document hierarchy and relations for contextually accurate responses.


Optimizes workflows

Improves processes by optimising resource accessibility, finding relevant real-time insights for data-driven decisions


Flexible solution

Highly adaptable integrations to changing business environments, that seamlessly integrates with existing systems and diverse data sources with flexible subscription plans.

Ayfie Solution - Enterprise Search

RAG Powered Enterprise Search

Empower your Enterprise with RAG-Powered Enterprise Search. Get all the capabilities of Generative AI and robust search engines to provide relevant and more accurate results. Accelerating workflow processes while ensuring the utmost security and privacy of your data


Get more from your data

Adapting to your needs with customisable SaaS, Hybrid, or Cloud deployment options. Seamlessly integrate Enterprise AI Search into your existing infrastructure without risk or data restructuring. Flexible subscription plans match your evolving requirements, ensuring cost-effectiveness and value.

 With our platform your team can easily find information in large amounts of data and get helpful insights with AI chat.

Ayfie Solution - Integration Platform

PLUG-IN based Integration

Effortlessly integrate enterprise data sources with platforms such as Microsoft 365 to enhance the advantages and improve the results of AI applications. Through seamless implementation that uses your current infrastructure and security protocols, making  the most innovative and cost-efficient solution on the market. 

Integration Platform For Microsoft 365

Enhance Microsoft 365 with External Data Access with our plug-in solution securely integrating files from Google, Dropbox, Salesforce, Jira, and more into your Microsoft 365 environment. 


Ayfie Integration Platform + Microsoft Copilot

  • Improves Copilot's capabilities by extending data access beyond Microsoft environments.

  • Enhancing Copilot's accuracy by preserving document hierarchy and relations, ensuring responses are deeply contextualized for exceptional relevance.

Enhanced Security and Access Management

Our platform strengthens security and simplifies access management by integrating with various identity providers, including Active Directory (AD).

Integration allows precise mapping of authentication, enabling users to access only the documents and resources they are authorized for in any connected system, just as if they were using their individual credentials directly on the source system. At the same time, it ensures that users cannot access any documents or resources they are not permitted to, upholding the source system's security protocols.

We ensure consistent access rights across platforms, boosting security compliance and fostering trust within your digital ecosystem, all with a straightforward and efficient access management process.

Let’s innovate together. 
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