Content Insights

Companies are able to find crucial information within their unstructured content through the use of technology that indexes, analyzes and organizes massive amounts of content.

ayfie's main product for Content Insights:

ayfie product overview:

Decades of linguistic research enables ayfie’s products to produce content insights beyond what search technology alone can do.

  • More pathways to insights: Automatically extract persons, locations, organizations, key phrases and many more entities out-of-the-box to make them immediately searchable
  • Supercharge your existing application: Extract and structure information from unstructured content to increase the performance of the most popular knowledge discovery applications including Relativity® and iConect
  • Unprecedented access to search, analysis and visualization: ayfie organizes unstructured content by analyzing the semantic structure inside of documents - making it easily consumable for humans
  • Highly scalable architecture: A combination of open source innovations and proprietary innovations ensures storage and processing capabilities are virtually endless
  • Elevated machine learning: ayfie optimizes the training process by breaking the text into tokens, finding the boundaries of sentences, dealing with synonyms and inflectional forms and extracting salient phrases and entities
  • Learning algorithms: ayfie processes data more efficiently by looking for patterns and trends. Clustering and categorization yield higher precision when our structured representation of the text is used instead of simple token vectors


ayfie Inspector uncovers insights within enormous collections of data at legal firms, finance groups, healthcare providers and even manufacturers.


ayfie Inspector is a revolutionary linguistics analytics platform that ascertains the semantic structure behind the text and solves the challenge of finding content insights. It determines the difference between a person, place, activity or organization and connects the dots to reveal patterns. ayfie Inspector works effectively on even the most extensive collections of structured and unstructured documents.

ayfie Inspector reads like a human — only a million times faster.
ayfie Inspector has an easy-to-use interface that is directly accessible through the Relativity App Hub or in alliance with our partners. The product is fast and intuitive.

In action:
Read below how a large industrial manufacturer uses ayfie Inspector to analyze incident reports about turbine malfunctions.

ayfie’s enrichment technologies understand the definition and context of words.

ayfie uses base forms, synonyms, spelling variants and dependency properties for all words, then finds and annotates the entire external structure that exists in documents and makes it accessible for further analysis. Traditional text analytics platforms treat words like mere symbols; ayfie Inspector understands their underlying context and meaning.


ayfie’s 30 years of research and compilation of advanced dictionaries let our clients discover never-before-seen insights.

ayfie Inspector enriches text by applying these tremendous dictionaries and local grammars that classify information about semantic and syntactic properties of words.

Plus, it handles inflectional forms, synonyms and other phenomena (such as decomposition in Norwegian, Swedish and German) for all major European languages.


Content insights emerge when a large industrial manufacturer uses ayfie Inspector to analyze incident reports about turbine malfunctions

By analyzing sentence structure, ayfie Inspector can build tables of events and facts in any domain required. For example, a large industrial manufacturer uses ayfie Inspector to analyze incident reports about turbine malfunctions. Service personnel write their reports in natural language and ayfie Inspector transforms them into structured, tabular content:

Ring Position Finding Recommendation
Xla2 16 Crack Replaced
Xla3 7 Wear Smoothing


Gain answers to vital questions:

“Which part failed most often because of outside heat?”
“Which malfunction is the most likely for a certain class of parts?”
“Which environmental conditions are the most detrimental to the overall reliability of the component?”

Based on the tables created by ayfie Inspector, the manufacturing company can now precisely answer these questions. All free-text service reports and even historical texts are analyzed rigorously — a process once impossible without time-consuming and expensive data transformation projects.