• Gain unprecedented insights into the types and amount of personally identifiable information stored in your content databases.
  • Dive deep into both structured and unstructured content to understand potential regulatory risk and take steps to mitigate them.
  • Tap into any common or custom data repository, including fileshares, enterprise content management solutions, cloud services, ERP/MRP systems and more.

The Big Text Insight Tool Built for GDPR

Even for well-meaning corporations, the biggest threat of the EU's GDPR governance is not understanding what data they already have. Problem is, PII (like credit card information, personal identification numbers, email addresses and bank account numbers) isn't always stored in nicely structured files. It could sit, unseen and dangerous, in unstructured documents, emails, PDFs and archives. And the only way to access it confidently was to have knowledge workers comb through unbelievably large amounts of content, searching for needles in haystacks.

No longer. Introducing ayfie Supervisor for GDPR - formerly known as viainsight - , the only Big Text analytics tool designed specifically to help corporations mitigate risk associated with GDPR. Backed by more than 30 years of academic research, ayfie Supervisor applies next-generation natural language processing and machine learning technology to "read" massive amounts unstructured content like a human, structure their contents and deliver purpose-built reports. The result? You know exactly what information you have and where it's stored, allowing data to be deleted, moved or secured in compliance with GDPR.

Schedule pre-built reports to run automatically, notifying you of exposure.

Know immediately when data has been added or modified.

Instantly export reports into third-party applications for analysis and use.

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  • Comply with the right to access by instantly finding all data associated with an EU resident, no matter where or how it's stored in your systems.
  • Comply with the right to data portability by easily exporting and transferring PII in a readable, usable format, like PDV or CSV.
  • Comply with the right to breach notification with instant notifications on data addition, deletion or modifiction, and deep insights into the contents of affected databases and files.

ayfie Supervisor analyzes vast amounts of structured and unstructured content, giving you true access to your information and the PII in it. For the first time, experience true certainty about your GDPR exposure.

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