• On May 25, 2018, a new European privacy regulation called GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation - has come into effect.
  • This regulation affects all local privacy laws and applies to all companies selling to and storing personal information about citizens in Europe and other continents.
  • It provides citizens with greater control over their personal data and assurances that information is being securely protected.

How does ayfie Supervisor work?

ayfie Supervisor allows you to create reports based on all the data that you have indexed with the viaworks platform.

The data can be stored in a variety of source systems like your Fileservers, MS Exchange, MS SharePoint or your CRM, ERP and more.

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  • Predefined reports for GDPR
  • Configurable reports, add and remove fields as you like
  • Report preview with sorting
  • Export reports into csv, excel or pdf format
  • Schedule automatic reports
  • Report comparison to find changes done to data sets
  • Visualizations of reports with graphs, pie charts and more
  • Advanced user management

ayfie Supervisor analyzes vast amounts of structured and unstructured content, giving you true access to your information and the PII in it. For the first time, experience true certainty about your GDPR exposure.

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