• ayfie Predictor - formerly known as viasuggest - combines 30 years of linguistic research with advanced search technology to deliver highly relevant results before user is even finished typing.
  • Improve employees' ability to extract insights from unstructured content, or improve conversion rate and user experience for your online store, content-rich website or portal.
  • Dramatically reduce the time users need to spend finding and using relevant content.

Prioritize results to feature the most fruitful content.

Deploy ayfie Predictor directly into your current website or portal.

Deliver real search suggestions, not predefined lists of "keywords."

See It In Action

ayfie Predictor works - regardless of which platform your website is based on.

We retrieve all the content of your website and use linguistic analysis to identify and index the content.

We implement a ranking model based on your business goals.

ayfie Predictor is placed right on the solution you have today and users can find what they are looking for.

Deliver Unparalleled Content Experiences

When they're interacting with your structured or unstructured content, users always know what they want; they just don't always know how to get it. ayfie Predictor delivers human-like understanding and context directly to the search experience, instantly connecting users with relevant content and desirable results. 

Most websites and content access tools base their search "suggestions" on small, noisy query logs, providing little information for users. Backed by more than 30 years of academic research, ayfie's natural lanaguge processing and machine learning engines are uniquely capable of extracting meaning from both underlying content and search queries, then matching them in a logical, intuitive fashion. 

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The majority of completed eCommerce transactions begin with a search. Thus, the easiest and fastest way to drive additional revenue is to improve the search experience itself. ayfie Predictor improves conversion rate and average transaction value by instantly connecting shoppers with what they're looking for. Products are updated in real time and presented based on how well their priority and description matches with the searcher's actual query. ayfie Predictor ensures that users find relevant products when searching your site. 

Users of all content portals – both consumer-facing and within the enterprise itself – are used to the user experience provided by behemoths like Google. They want instant, valuable results – delivered while they're still typing their query. ayfie Predictor leverages cutting-edge natural language processing and machine learning technology to act like a true "content concierge" – connecting users with results and topics that precisely match the intent of their search. With this user experience, they'll come back again and again.

If your users need to find your content, you need ayfie Predictor. Forget trying to fool users with prebuilt "keyword" lists; ayfie Predictor extracts real meaning and context from your content and their query, then matches them – instantly.

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