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Ayfie APIs


Entity Extraction

Entity extraction is the feature of detecting and extracting terms of high semantic value.

Typical entities would be names of persons, places and organizations, but it can also be concepts such as for instance "war on drugs", "climate change" or "women's rights". 

Entity extraction is often not used as a feature in its own right, but as input data to other features such as Query Completion and "Did You Mean.." Spell Checking.

Sentiment Analysis

With the rise of applications and fully digital user journeys the need to process feedback from users, clients and consumers have never been bigger.

Sentiment analysis, also known as opinion meaning or emotion AI, is a combination of two techniques; machine learning and natural language processing. By using sentiment analysis you classify the polarity of a text section in a document, a specific sentence or on the feature/aspect level, to determine whether the opinion expressed is positive, negative or neutral. 

Sentiment analysis can be used in a number of ways, from content marketing to finding out what your customers want/need. Today sentiment analysis has become a huge business by providing insights into how opinions are changing with the passage of time through social media language. The underlying algorithm learns what words people use to express themselves and with that knowledge provides an insight into sentiments towards that product or service.

This is done by categorizing phrases that are used on a number of social media channels. The sentiment analysis software uses machine learning to parse the phrases and will then try to match it with a category of positive, neutral or negative. 

Did you know that one of the first usage areas for sentiment analysis was for analyzing Twitter messages (aka tweets)?   

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Ayfie micro services




Do you have large volumes of text, articles or other documents that you would like to be summarized in just a few clicks?

With Ayfie Summarizer you can do exactly that. No fuzz and no need to provide your credit card details, we offer this as a freemium service.

The usage areas for summarizing are many,  from a colleague student looking to get an executive summary of each class, a professor needing a quick synthesis of an extensive research project, or users who need to review documents or get to the essence of whatever information source you are working in. 


Translation has never been more easy and fun! With Ayfie’s free translator service you can instantly translate words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100+ other languages.

Our translator helps you translate text between languages. Choosing from a large pool of languages, you will easily be able to transfer meaning between one language to another.

Ayfie APIs

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