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ayfie provides solutions to identify PII and sensitive data at the enterprise level as well as post-collection during an investigation or litigation review.

ayfie uncovers insights across your data to speed up investigations and reduce the risk of missing important pieces of information.

  • Instant understanding: Instantly identify the people, organizations, locations and concepts in your data.
  • No size limit: Dive deep into both structured and unstructured content starting withfrom a single document and ranging upup to petabytes of data.
  • Simple interface for easy investigations: Leverage an analytics engine that "understands" text and documents.
  • Identify risk immediately: PII is flagged to quickly understand the prevalence within your dataset and come up with proactive strategies.
  • Access to data repositories: Secure entry into file shares, content management solutions, cloud services, and more.
  • High-speed filtering: Automatically created filters, duplicate detection, and mail-threading help reducing document sets for further review.
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It can all be much easier!

ayfie's linguistic processing pipeline powers investigation workflows.

  1. Select
    the data set which needs to be investigated, e.g. via our connectors.

  2. Process
    all relevant data with predefined routines.

  3. Retrieve
    instant results of relevant entites, such as persons, organizations, topics, etc.

  4. Filter
    the results efficiently based on automatically generated options.

  5. Produce
    a document set for manual review.


62% of organizations have experienced a critical risk event in the past three years.

Of those organizations that experienced a critical risk event, they saw the most significant consequences in the following categories*:

  • Employee productivity (62%)
  • Operational efficiency (e.g. disrupted systems, processes etc. - 59%)
  • Employee safety (29%)
  • Competitive differentiation (29%)
  • Brand and reputation (28%)

*Source: Disaster Recovery Journal / Forrester Research, The State of Enterprise Risk Management, 2019

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