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Definition: Data privacy regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) dictate the way companies handle personal data. In order to be compliant, companies must know exactly what information they have and where it is stored. Technology helps to take control of personally identifiable information (PII).

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ayfie’s advanced capabilities uncover personal data and support security policies by alerting companies in case of potential exposure.

  • Observe multiple sources: Select more than 80 different data sources to be monitored for PII.
  • Modification notices: Recognize when data is added or modified with built-in system reporting.
  • Reporting: Automatically run pre-built reports to run and recognize modifications to data sets easily.
  • Rights to access: Instantly identify all personally identifiable information (PII), no matter where it is stored.
  • Breach notification and response: Rapidly understand who is affected and quickly generate detailed reports for the data in question.
  • Data portability: Export and transfer PII in a readable, usable format, like PDF or CSV for further processing.
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It can all be much easier!

ayfie's PII scanner runs in the background and automatically reports on incidents.

  1. Select
    the relevant data sources to be monitored.

  2. Define
    rules on what to report on.

  3. Process
    all relevant data in multiple languages.

  4. Schedule
    reports containing all ciritcal information.


ayfie supports companies’ compliance with the right to access by instantly finding all associated data, no matter where it is.

ayfie constantly monitors your data and delivers immediate insight into results so you can uncover PII data stored throughout your systems.


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What you can’t see can hurt you.

The biggest challenge of PII governance is the lack of visibility and clarity regarding the data retained inside companies’ repositories.
PII includes credit card information, personal identification numbers, email addresses and bank account numbers. It also includes data hidden away in hard-to-find locations including unstructured data, memos, emails, PDFs and archives.

Get control over PII.
ayfie's tools are explicitly designed to help corporations mitigate the risk associated with PII identification and protection. It is backed by next-generation natural language processing and machine learning.

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