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Boost efficiency with Ayfie's secure, AI-powered platform – seamlessly connecting to your data sources.


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What do we do at Ayfie?

More than 15 years experience with enterprise search and insight engines gets fueled with generative AI.

We convert unstructured data into valuable insights that benefit both large enterprises, medium businesses, and individuals. Our technology is designed to unlock the potential hidden in different types of data, including texts, images, videos, CAD files and much more.



How it works

Sign up for Ayfie

Signing up to our solution is made very easy, either through credentials or using familiar single-sign-on options.

Choose sources

After signing up, you choose which data sources you want Ayfie to connect with. I.e. Dropbox, OneDrive or MS 365.

Advanced search

An advanced, powerful and accurate search lets you search all your data at once – in one single interface.

Generate insight

Bring your documents and data into our AI-driven Personal Assistant to generate new and powerful insights.

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The Ayfie Platform

Our platform connects to your data sources across applications and servers, extracts, indexes, and structures your data, making it accessible, usable, and interactive from a single point of entry.

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Our Products

No matter if you´re a large corporation, a medium sized business or an individual - Ayfie has you covered with a suitable solution.


Conceptual image of the Ayfie Platform

The Ayfie Platform

The Ayfie Platform is an enterprise search solution and insight engine, powered by AI. It connects to your data sources – such as Dropbox, OneDrive, MS Exchange, Sharepoint etc. – and extracts, indexes, and structures your data reading more than 550+ file formats.

The Ayfie Platform makes your data accessible, usable, and interactive – all while you can be more efficient.


Business man sitting in front of a computer using the Ayfie Platform for business

Ayfie for Business

Utilizing all benefits of the Ayfie Platform, our business solution connects to your favorite business applications. It provides one single interface where all your documents resides. Fuelled with generative AI, you can also interact with your documents through our built-in Personal Assistant.

It´s set up within minutes and inherits existing all access levels from your source systems.


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Ayfie for Individuals

The Ayfie Platform for individuals connects with your personal Dropbox and/or OneDrive within minutes! It assembles all your documents in one single interface and make them available through our highly advanced search.

Fuelled with the possibilies of AI; you can also interact with your documents through our built-in Personal Assistant to create much more.


Ayfies AI Personal Assistant

AI Personal Assistant

The Ayfie Personal Assistant is a powerful AI productivity tool – based on ChatGPT. It features lots of add-on functionality enabling you to create even more insight.

One of it´s most powerful capabilities, is that you can upload your own documents and base interactions solely on these documents. An extremely useful companion with unlimited use cases.


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Syncrolift trusts Ayfie as their search solution
Processes that previously took us 3 days to accomplish we now perform in just a few minutes.
Bjørn Jabob Lind
Project Manager, Syncrolift

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