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Your Gateway To Data Empowerment 


Our mission

Our mission is to revolutionize enterprise solutions.  We're dedicated to empowering organizations with advanced tools that enhance efficiency, accuracy, and adaptability in accessing and leveraging data and AI, ultimately driving transformative outcomes for our clients.

Our vision

Our vision is to pioneer a new era of intelligent search solutions, where RAG technology seamlessly integrates with enterprise systems to unlock the full potential of data. We envision a future where organizations effortlessly and safely harness the power of AI-driven insights to drive innovation, accelerate decision-making, and achieve unparalleled success in their endeavors

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Our journey

It began in 2009, focusing on enterprise search. This laid the groundwork for our extensive connector framework.  

In 2024, Ayfie took a significant leap forward by integrating Generative AI with Large Language Models (LLMs) into its suite of tools, marking a transformative moment in the company's evolution. This integration enabled Ayfie to offer a full-fledged Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) experience, enhancing the capabilities of its enterprise search and analytics solutions. By leveraging the power of Generative AI, Ayfie's platform could now not only search and retrieve information across a vast array of data sources but also generate coherent, contextually relevant content and summaries, providing users with a more intuitive and comprehensive understanding of their data.

Our headquarters are located in Skøyen, Oslo, Norway. Ayfie Group is a publicly traded company, listed on the Euronext Growth, Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol AYFIE.

Through innovation and commitment, we're shaping a future where data isn't just accessed; it's understood, leveraged, and transformed into actionable intelligence.


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