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Ayfie on Oslo Stock Exchange


Ayfie is listed on Euronext Growth, Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker AYFIE.

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Euronext Growth is suited for small- and mid- sized companies (SMEs) that want to raise funds to finance growth. Listing requirements are simplified and reporting requirements are lighter than for the regulated market. Euronext Growth is open to both professional and individual investors. Although a controlled market, it is not regulated as defined by EU directives and thus offers an alternative route for organisations that are at earlier stages of development.

Eligibility: medium level of listing requirements

Liquidity: a large community of long-term investors focus on SMEs only, including both institutional and retail investors, are active in this segment


Ticker AYFIE
Organization number 917913773
ISIN NO0012861683
Exchange Euronext Growth
Shares issued 13,863,347
Shares Outstanding NaN
Market Cap. MNOK 157
Share Capital
 MNOK 27.72