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Why Ayfie?

The amount of data that organizations and their workers handle on a day-to-day basis is growing exponentially every year. Companies are using more and more software tools that capture and store data.

This makes it hard to find and share the right information and to stay compliant with data regulations.

Everyone needs information, and we want to help you access and use it - in the easiest way.


Who we are

Ayfie is a boutique provider of digital products related to data search, risk and compliance. Ayfie Group’s first entity was founded in 2009 with a focus on enterprise search which built the foundation of our huge connector framework. Since then, we have acquired other companies, grown and expanded between the USA and Europe. Today we are headquartered in Skøyen in Oslo, Norway.

Ayfie is listed on Merkur Market, Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker AYFIE-ME.

Northern Lights in Norway









We want customers to feel heard, seen and understood when they come to us.

As a company, we aim to be consistent in providing good service with honest communication and integrity behind our technology and everything we do.

That is what we deliver to our customers.



Herman Sjøberg, CEO of Ayfie

Herman Sjøberg


Herman joined Ayfie in September 2021. Before joining Ayfie, Herman was the Business Development Director at Capgemini. He also served as Community of Practice lead responsible for training consultants in best practices for digital transformation within the data analytics and insights area. Herman co-founded the investment advisory company Forvaltningshuset (now Söderberg & Partners Norway) serving as CTO and Partner. He holds a Master's Degree in Economics from BI Norwegian Business School.

Lasse Ruud, CMO/CCO of Ayfie

Lasse Ruud


Lasse joined Ayfie in September 2020 through the acquisition of Haive AS, of which he was the CEO. Lasse has worked in the IT-industry since 1991. He has significant experience from management of both consulting and software companies. He was a co-founder of companies like Win.HLP, Tarantell og Questpoint. Lasse has also had other leading roles such as Sales Manager in Capgemini. Lasse is educated in IT, Finance and Marketing.

Ronny Hanssen, CTO of Ayfie

Ronny Hanssen


Ronny joined Ayfie through the acquisition of Haive AS in September 2020, where he worked as CTO. Ronny has worked in Software development for 30 years. Starting as project manager, designer and creative leader for several major game development projects for Funcom, he has since worked for companies like Playbox and FairPlay. He worked on digitized entertainment products for the television industry and sports games, as well as Teleplan(GIS) and Component Software (archive). He is educated as an engineer with specialization in Software Development and Systematization.

Egil Slavko Kvamme, CSO of Ayfie

Egil Slavko Kvamme


Egil Kvamme has broad and solid experience from sales within the technology sector. Before joining Ayfie in February 2021, Egil worked as the Business Development Director in Northern Europe for ForgeRock, an international information technology service provider. Egil has also held leading sales positions in Gartner, Acer and Dale Carnegie Training.


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