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Merkur Market


Definition: Merkur Market offers companies and their owners one of the fastest admission processes in Europe. The time between Oslo Børs receiving an application and the company being admitted to trading can be around one to two weeks. Since Merkur Market is an MTF, both the admission requirements and the continuing reporting obligations following admission are simpler and less comprehensive than for companies listed on Oslo Børs and Oslo Axess.

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ayfie is listed on Merkur Market, Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker AYFIE-ME.

  • Share price: Share price development, trade volumes and other share information can be found on ayfie's page on Oslo Børs.
  • Stock Exchange Notices: All stock exchange notices can be found Oslo Børs' NewsWeb.
  • Auditor: ayfie is audited by Ernst & Young AS.
  • Our mission: Uncover truth through intelligent text analysis in the interests of justice, integrity and privacy.
Ticker AYFIE
Organization Number 917913773
ISIN NO0010793243
Exchange Merkur Market
Shares Issued 110,906,775
Shares Outstanding NaN
Market Cap. MNOK 173.57
Share Capital Mundefined 110.91


About us.

ayfie Group is an international provider of market-leading search and text analytics solutions that bring structure to unstructured data. ayfie’s solutions combine linguistics-based natural language processing and modern machine learning to form a unique type of AI to efficiently identify critical insights, conduct smart search and power business intelligence solutions. The company is headquartered in Oslo, and has operation in Norway, Sweden, Germany, UK and the US.


ayfie's IR policy.

ayfie follows these main principles:

  • To provide relevant, accurate and timely information about ayfie to support regular trading and fair pricing of ayfie securities
  • Equal treatment of investors
  • Interaction with the capital markets in a way that makes us accessible, reliable and professional
  • Compliance with the relevant laws and ongoing obligations for companies admitted to trading on the Merkur market

Contact us

Lasse Ruud
Interim CEO/ CMO

ayfie Group AS
Karenslyst Allé 10
0278 Oslo · Norway
+47 483 10 800