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ayfie provides enterprise-grade text analytics, data visualization and search solutions for eDiscovery, publishing and finance professionals. ayfie’s language-processing technologies are based on more than 30 years of research at renowned universities. ayfie’s headquarters is located in New York City, with offices in Washington, D.C. and Munich, Germany.

ayfie Inspector is a powerful text analytics engine that indexes, understands and organizes massive amounts of unstructured content at lightning speed. It can be used as a standalone information explorer, or it can integrate directly with leading eDiscovery applications and business intelligence platforms.

ayfie was recognized as Top 25 solution providers in legal technology.

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ayfie Inspector now integrates directly with Relativity®.

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  • Unlock unique insight and value from unstructured content like Word documents, emails, chat logs, PowerPoints and PDFs
  • Extract entities, such as people, locations and times, and offer them as suggestions and drill-down options
  • Understand and contextualize core facts in documents, even if written in different styles or expressions
  • Cluster and categorize documents to speed up research and aggregate understanding of large content bases

ayfie Inspector accurately turns unstructured data into valuable information by employing linguistic methods, semantics and local grammars to find meaning, contextualize and normalize all text in source documents.

ayfie Inspector powers solutions that solve the most important challenges facing industry – the kind of challenges that show up in the bottom line and impact the lives of employees and customers.

ayfie powers early case assessment (ECA) and technology-assisted review (TAR) processes within some of the industry's most advanced eDiscovery platforms. Knowledge workers save significant amounts of time analyzing even the largest repositories of unstuctured content.

About eDiscovery

ayfie Insector for Contracts gives rapid insight into contractual commitments and easily identify risks, obligations, and opportunities. It automatically extracts and contextualizes the most important contractual semantic facts, including the type of agreement, expiration date, financial terms, and more.

About Contracts

ayfie handles volumes of unstructured information in the healthcare space for a variety of deployments, including Computer Assisted Coding (CAC), compliance audits, and patient value indicators for improved quality of care.

About Healthcare

ayfie's toolset is able to summarize, reduce, and categorize qualitative data and produce analysis directly related to the actions that will be taken by the operators, as an enhancement of their decision-making process.

About Finance

ayfie Inspector now integrates directly with Relativity®, the eDiscovery system
of choice for over 150,000 professionals.

About ayfie Inspector for Relativity®


ayfie Inspector is a text understanding engine that can process and organize volumes of textual content at lightning speed, with near-human accuracy. ayfie Inspector provides government, commercial, and nonprofit organizations with the data and insights they need to maximize efficiency, eliminate non-value-add time and improve collaboration. 

About the Platform

We solve business problems with data analysis tailored to your needs by leveraging natural language processing, guided machine learning, linguistic analysis and years of experience. Ready to start seeing value from your content?

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