ayfie provides products for eDiscovery, healthcare, finance, media, compliance and search across industries and languages. ayfie’s language-processing technologies are based on more than 30 years of research at renowned universities. ayfie’s headquarters is located in New York City, with offices in Washington, D.C. and Munich, Germany.

ayfie Inspector is a powerful text analytics engine that indexes, understands and organizes massive amounts of content at lightning speed. It can be used as a stand alone information explorer, it integrates directly with leading applications in the eDiscovery space and it can also be deployed to extract rapid insights from repositories of contracts.

  • Extract entities, such as people, locations and times, and offer them as suggestions and drill-down options
  • Understand and contextualize core facts in documents, even if written in different styles or expressions
  • Provide precise and actionable insight into the content of unstructured documents, like Word documents, emails, PowerPoint slides, and PDFs
  • Cluster and categorize documents to speed up research and aggregate understanding of large content bases

ayfie Inspector accurately turns unstructured data into valuable information by employing linguistic methods, semantics and local grammars to find meaning, contextualize and normalize all text in source documents.

ayfie Inspector powers solutions that solve the most important challenges facing industry — the kind of challenges that show up in the bottom line and impact the lives of employees and customers.

ayfie enables systems for the electronic aspect of identifying, collecting, and producing electronically stored information (ESI) in response to a request for production in a law suit or investigation.

About eDiscovery

ayfie Insector for Contracts gives rapid insight into contractual commitments and easily identify risks, obligations, and opportunities. It automatically extracts and contextualizes the most important contractual semantic facts, including the type of agreement, expiration date, financial terms, and more.

About Contracts

ayfie handles volumes of unstructured information in the healthcare space for a variety of deployments, including Computer Assisted Coding (CAC), compliance audits, and patient value indicators for improved quality of care.

About Healthcare

ayfie's toolset is able to summarize, reduce, and categorize qualitative data and produce analysis directly related to the actions that will be taken by the operators, as an enhancement of their decision-making process.

About Finance

ayfie monitors the content and cadence of customer communications for sentiment and responsiveness over time. The ayfie engine produces alerts when changes indicate position in the buying funnel, risk of churn, and opportunities for interaction.

ayfie can analyze anomalous employee behavior within similar job functions to spot actions that are unusual in the organization. It can discover inconsistent employee behavior by checking it against historical patterns.

Through deep understanding of textual content, ayfie empowers the next generation of journalism. By surfacing the right content at the right time, ayfie offers complex data-journalism that combines structured and unstructured source data and machine-written content produced from structured insights of unstructured data.

ayfie allows companies to look at the data as a whole; to observe trends, spot new topics, identify potential problems including individual and group fraud, or flag business indicators. It thus helps to control vast quantities of unstructured and often conversational data that piles up.

ayfie Inspector is a text understanding engine that can quarry volumes of textual content at lightning speed, with near-human accuracy. ayfie Inspector provides government, commercial, and non-profit organizations with aided-intelligence. This relevant, actionable, and structured insight is surfaced in workflow at the highest point of value for maximum impact.

About the platform

  1. understand
  2. aggregate
  3. visualize

The concepts behind the Semantic Web largely failed because nobody likes to tag the textual content for machines. ayfie’s information extraction system is able to infer knowledge which is not directly available from the source data. For example, a text can contain information regarding a takeover even if the word "takeover" or "acquisition" has never been cited. ayfie’s extraction system is able to infer the underlying concept and extract the relevant (explanatory) information attached.

Even with advances in pure machine learning, people often have to change their behavior to reap the benefits. iPhone users change their grammar and pronunciation for Siri and machine translation. Road planning is changed to facilitate autonomous cars. ayfie realizes the promises of the Semantic Web across all types of textual data without any requirements that those documents be written in a special way, let alone tagged or annotated. In fact, ayfie will tag your content for you, identify the most important concepts and entities in your text, and set them in relation to each other and to additional facts it found in other documents.

Whereas attempts to treat language with pure mathematics have thus far failed, ayfie understands language and transforms it into predicate structures, which are in turn accessible to mathematical methods, enabling the combination of human-guided intelligence with statistical analysis and machine learning.

Leveraging machine learning, linguistic analysis and years of experience solving complicated problems.

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