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In today's business world, the problems associated with massive unstructured datasets – Big Data – are well documented. Largely forgotten, though, are large amounts of written content. We call that Big Text, and it presents a decidedly more complex set of issues than traditional Big Data. Big Text analysis requires technology capable of rapidly providing human-like understanding of words and their context, combined with tools that can locate, normalize and visualize core entities and concepts. With unique domain expertise and a suite of solutions based on more than 30 years of academic research, ayfie is here to solve Big Text.

ayfie's products are module-based, allowing organizations to craft the exact solution they need. Whether you need natural language-driven text analytics, a high-performing enterprise search engine, intelligent predictive search, enhanced regulatory compliance or an end-to-end content insight suite, ayfie can help you achieve the results you want. If you need to understand your unstructured content better, you need ayfie. 

ayfie was recognized as Top 25 solution providers in legal technology.

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ayfie Inspector now integrates directly with Relativity®.

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ayfie Inspector featured in the 2018 eDiscovery Buyers Guide.

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  • Unlock unique insight and value from unstructured content spread across multiple systems
  • Help employees find information they need, regardless of file location, format or language
  • Ensure compliance with key regulations, including GDPR
  • Guide knowledge discovery by delivering human-like understanding of entities and core topics
  • Extract entities, such as people, locations and times, and offer them as suggestions and drill-down options
  • Power enterprise workflows to speed innovation and eliminate non-value-add work

ayfie combines an unparalleled understanding of language with best-in-class enterprise search and data mining capabilities to rapidly and accurately classify content, then extract, structure and deliver the exact insights needed at any given time.

The ayfie Inspector text analytics engine indexes, understands and organizes massive amounts of unstructured content at lightning speed. It can be used as a standalone information explorer or integrate directly with leading eDiscovery applications and BI platforms.

About Content Insights

ayfie's Smart Search platform allows companies to instantly retrieve insights from unstructured content no matter where it's stored. Effortlessly connect to leading enterprise content management systems and cloud services, and enjoy one-click access to all your information.

About Knowledge Discovery

Rapidly getting users to the most relevant content for them is the key to a fantastic experience. ayfie can provide instant query feedback and results previews directly within the search interface, guiding users to the information they need before they even know what they're looking for.

About Predictive Search

The first step to GDPR compliance is getting control of your data. ayfie Supervisor allows organizations to easily visualize all the structured and unstructured information indexed by our engine, uncovering potential areas of exposure and opportunities for data cleanup.

About GDPR Compliance

We solve business problems with data analysis tailored to your needs by leveraging natural language processing, guided machine learning, linguistic analysis and years of experience. Ready to start seeing value from your content?

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