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Discover a New Era of Data Search

Solution that gives you the Power of Generative AI for Secure and Efficient Enterprise Search

Ayfie Presents A New Era of Data Search

Power of Generative AI

for secure and efficient Enterprise Search

Transform the way you search for data.

Our platform, driven by cutting-edge Generative AI, delivers a secure and efficient enterprise search experience across all your company's data sources.



Securing and safeguarding your privacy is our primary focus.

Our platform ensures the confidentiality and integrity of all queries and responses. Every interaction on our platform is secure, private, and fully referenceable, allowing you to trust and verify your results. We mirror the permissions as in your company's data sources, ensuring that employees receive answers based only on the sources they have access to.



Effortless integration with your existing infrastructure.

With a vast selection of over 300 connectors, you can access data from all sources in your company without the need for expensive customisation.



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The enterprise search solution, integrated with Generative AI, generates responses solely based on your data, ensuring tailored and accurate results.

Our solution efficiently process documents using advanced indexing technology, enabling lightning-fast searches through vast amounts of your company data.

Ayfie offers pre-built connectors, providing you with the flexibility to utilize your entire data architecture without costly customizations.

You can seamlessly connect various types of data sources, both internal and external, ensuring the highest level of security.


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Designed to boost efficiency by securely connecting to data sources and providing advanced search capabilities, insight generation, and interaction through an AI-driven Personal Assistant.​

Our technology can process and understand text in a manner that closely mimics human understanding, but at a scale and speed unattainable by manual processes. This capability is especially valuable in industries where finding, managing and working with large volumes of text data is a regular challenge.​

We  have tailored solutions for business use, leveraging the Ayfie Platform to connect with popular business applications, providing a unified interface for all documents. It incorporates generative AI and a built-in Personal Assistant, while maintaining existing access levels from source systems.

Ayfie’s plugin-based integration platform offers significant advantages over traditional connectors by providing real-time data updates, a broader range of data sources, and enhanced capabilities for data interaction, while maintaining the document hierarchy and respecting access control. All of which contribute to more grounded and contextually accurate AI-generated responses in Microsoft 365 Copilot experiences.
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