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Ayfie PA Powered by ChatGPT

Ayfie Personal Assistant (PA) combines text analysis and ChatGPT to make it simple to chat with your documents, summarize, extract information, and much more.



Upload Your Documents, Chat & Explore

We know how much information and different types of files (documents) there are. What if you could upload almost any type and finally extract the essence out of your data? With Ayfie Personal Assistant this is possible.

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Say Hi to Your New AI assistant 

Meet Ayfie PA, your very own Personal Assistant, which is powered by ChatGPT and can do more than the usual Question Answering and Chat.

We give you the possibility of uploading your documents, in your mother tongue or preferred language, then you can start getting the real value out of your data. Of course, you are free to simply chat with your assistant - asking whatever question you have. Just like the way we have been doing for the past months, with the new wave of amazing and powerful tools such as ChatGPT. 

We only do it better - We Are Ayfie. 


Ayfie Personal Assistant

Our mission is to empower people with the right tools to get the most value out of their information - to make informed decisions.

With our new Personal Assistant, you will experience one of our solutions, which assists you in your daily work, whether it's for private or business use.


Here's how simple it is to start using it

Upload your documents

With Ayfie Personal Assistant, there is no longer a need for copy paste of your own information into ChatGPT or other services. You can upload one or several documents, and we support most file types. 

Depending on the size of the documents, it might take a few or more seconds to analyze the content, after that, it's all up to you how you want to start getting all the best out of your information.

Having said that, if you are not in the need of uploading any documents, then you are free to choose the option to chat straight away. Or you can do both combined, it's all up to you. 

Lastly, we support close to 40 different languages - so feel free to use your preferred language. 

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Start a Conversation

You decide the order of things; either you upload files or documents you want to chat with, or you start chatting with the AI straight away.

This is entirely up to you.

Type your question, command, or request for writing assistance into our user-friendly chat interface.

As said above, we have multilingual support for the uploaded documents and the chat function. 


Instant Answers or Writing Guidance

Ayfie processes your uploaded documents, pulling out essential information, and provides you with succinct, understandable responses or writing suggestions.

Out of questions to ask?

No problem, we have that sorted out for you by presenting a set of suggested questions you can ask, which are generated based on the content of your uploaded information. 

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Test Ayfie Personal Assistant today and see how we can help you

We have users in all industries, public and private sector, with the same need - extracting value out of their information. 

Try for Free

No need to enter credit card details as our solution is free to test out. No hassle, no strings attached.

Easy Login

You register and authenticate in just a few steps, then you're ready to use our solution.


No cap on the usage, so buckle up and take our solution for a test drive.


How to use Ayfie Personal Assistant


Ayfie for Students

With piles of handouts, a tangle of notes, or a crowded inbox of academic emails, imagine if you could upload these and talk to them directly (in your preferred language)?

Ayfie offers a personal assistant powered by ChatGPT that can help students become more efficient learners. Using natural language processing, our solution understands and interprets the  requests in order to provide the best possible assistance. 

Some ways how students can benefit: 

  • Efficient Studying: Avoid flipping through pages or files. Ask Ayfie directly, making your study time more efficient.
  • Writing Help: Get suggestions to improve your writing, from essays to emails, making your content more effective and engaging.
  • Enhanced Understanding: Receive explanations in plain language, helping you grasp complex topics with ease.
  • 24/7 Study Partner: Whether it's late night writing or early morning study sessions, Ayfie is always on hand to assist.

Ayfie is not just a document reader; it's an all-in-one study and writing tool.

Elevate Your Academic Journey & Experience the Future of Learning and Writing with Ayfie Personal Assistant.

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Ayfie for Professionals

We reduce the barriers of reviewing large and complex documentation by providing our AI assistant to global organizations, small and large.

With a long track record and experience in the field of structured and unstructured data, this is how we/Ayfie came about 15+ years ago. Our fields of expertise are enterprise search and text analysis.

Our platform delivers value to thousands of users today, whereas lawyers represent document heavy profession for whom we have developed specific features. 

Some ways how professionals can benefit: 

  • Document Review: Analysis of the documents and identifying any potential issues or risks. Getting feedback on the clarity and organization of the document itself.
  • Contract Analysis: If the document is a contract, it is immensely helpful having a tool to review it and identify key terms, obligations, and potential risks. Also getting feedback on the overall structure and organization of the contract saves much time.   suggestions to improve your writing, from essays to emails, making your content more effective and engaging. 
  • Reasearch: In the case where the document involves a legal issue, research can be conducted on the topic and you will be provided with the relevant case law, statutes, or other legal authority. 
  • Summarization: Summarizing the key points of the document or highlight the important sections to quickly help you understand the content.
  • Editing: Suggesting edits to improve the clarity, organization, and the accuracy of the document.

Ayfie assists in digitalizing traditional prosesses and accelerates some of the tasks of professionals, whether it's in information management or simply just reviewing your data. 

By using Ayfie you will experience what a huge accelerator our tools are to the use of information. We work as your extra pair of eyes, always ready to assist you.  

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Check out our 1 minute video on How to Chat with Your Documents & Get Instant Answers.




Want to know more about our solutions?

Reach out to us and we will tell and show you more what's available and how we can meet your needs.

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Full Language Support

Experience multilingual support with Ayfie Personal Assistant. Upload and chat in your preferred language, be it your mother tongue or any other.

Supporting different languages is extremely important in today's globalized world where people from different cultures and languages interact with each other on a daily basis.

Proficiency may vary, but major languages are well-supported. Give it a try!

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Data Privacy and Security

Ayfie Personal Assistant, powered by Azure OpenAI, prioritizes data security and privacy, ensuring all your data stays within the secured Azure infrastructure, mitigating exposure risks and ensuring GDPR compliance. The application processes your data responsibly, without using it to improve Microsoft's models.

Any data retained for potential misuse monitoring is strictly secured and accessible only to authorized personnel. With Ayfie Personal Assistant, you're trusting in a platform that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge AI with the utmost commitment to data security, privacy, and regulatory compliance.

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