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Experience The Benefits of Generative AI

Ayfie AI Personal Assistant | Your AI-Powered Productivity Partner

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Imagine a world where you and your team is consistently more efficient, accurate and innovative.


Ayfie PA empowers you and / or your employees with instant access to vital information, eliminating time spent on tedious searches. Its advanced text analysis ensures accuracy in data interpretation, reducing errors and enhancing decision-making. Moreover, Ayfie PA's content creation capabilities foster innovation, helping your team produce high-quality documents and presentations. With Ayfie AI Personal Assistant, your team not only work smarter, but also delivers superior results. Try it out for free.


What type of user are you?

No matter if you´re a large corporation, a medium sized business or an individual user - Ayfie has you covered with a suitable solution.

Business man sitting in front of a computer using the Ayfie Platform for business

Personal Assistant for Business Users

Equip your employees with the power that generative AI holds! Ayfie Personal Assistant provides an opportunity to get started with generative AI in a quick, easy, secure and compliant way!

You (typically someone in IT) will be in total control of the roll-out, deciding who to onboard first, and the subscription is handled 100% through your Microsoft Azure account.

All you need to do is to sign up for an Azure-instance – if don´t already have one – and fill out a couple of forms. It´s all done within a few minutes.


Get started with your business

Set up your

Azure instance

You need to have a Microsoft Azure instance in your company to make Ayfie Personal Assistant available to your organization.

Step 1: Sign up for Azure.

Subscribe for Ayfie Personal Assistant

Head over to Azure Marketplace and connect Ayfie Personal Assistant to your Azure Instance, choose which users to activate and you´re ready to go.

Step 2: Get Ayfie Personal Assistant.

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Personal Assistant for Individual Users

Our AI Personal Assistant has so many use-cases – both for individual users and small businesses. Your own creativity is the only limit and it´s super easy to get started.

Signing up is done within seconds using your favorite services like Google, Facebook, Microsoft or Apple. From here, you´re ready to go and start chatting with your documents.

Getting access to our generative AI productivity tool has never been easier, and for a limited period signing 


Get started as an individual

Sign up for free

Signing up to our AI Personal Assistant is done within seconds. We´ve enabled single sign-on (SSO) options from services like Facebook, Google, Microsoft etc. to make it even easier.

Upload & chat with your documents

Upload and start chatting with your AI Personal Assistant, leveraging the intelligence of ChatGPT, but solely based on the insights of your documents. We support 550+ file formats.

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– Features of the Ayfie Personal Assistant –

Secure & Private

Connect your corporate data to ChatGPT securely and privately. Your data stays within the secured Microsoft Azure infrastructure, ensuring GDPR compliance and respecting your corporate data security policies.

Advanced Text Analysis

Gain deeper insights from your data with Ayfie PA's ability to perform text analysis, compare and contrast, summarize, explain, and argue across multiple documents.

User Friendly

Ayfie PA's interface makes uploading documents and starting conversations with your data easy. Get succinct, understandable responses or writing suggestions instantly.

Multilingual & Versatile

Ayfie PA supports multiple languages and 550+ file formats, ensuring a comprehensive solution for your needs.

Embrace the Future of Work with Generative AI

With Ayfie Personal Assistant, you're not just adopting a tool; you're embracing a smarter way of working. Experience the future of work with Ayfie today!

At Ayfie, we empower organizations and individuals with the knowledge and understanding they need to excel. With over 15 years of experience in handling corporate data, we've earned the trust of businesses worldwide.

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Personal Assistant – Use Cases

Here are some examples of what our AI-driven Personal Assistant (P.A.) can be used for. Upload your relevant documents and start asking questions and get instant feedback.


Upload your insurance documents and ask specific questions about your policy, such as "What is my deductible?" or "Am I covered for natural disasters?" The Personal Assistant uses the uploaded document(s) to provide accurate answers.


Upload a recipe document and ask about possible ingredient substitutions, such as "What can I use instead of eggs?" or "I don't have any milk, what can I use?". The Personal Assistant will use the uploaded recipe document to suggest suitable alternatives.


Upload a draft of your speech and ask the Personal Assistant (P.A.) for feedback, like "Is this speech persuasive enough?" or "Have I provided enough evidence to support my points?" The P.A. uses the draft document to provide constructive feedback.


A student uploads a document with academic concepts or theories they're struggling with. They then ask the Personal Assistant to explain these concepts in simpler terms. The P.A. uses the uploaded document to provide easy-to-understand explanations.

User Manuals

Upload multiple user manuals for a complex device, then ask the Personal Assistant (P.A.) to explain specific instructions or steps in simpler terms. The P.A. uses the uploaded manuals to provide clear explanations across several manuals.

Menu Planning

You can upload a document with dietary restrictions of your guests, and then ask the Personal Assistant (P.A.) for menu suggestions that cater to these restrictions. The P.A. uses the uploaded document to suggest a variety of dishes.

Exam preparation

A student can upload their exam syllabus to the Personal Asistant (P.A.), and then ask it to help create a study plan, such as "How should I divide my study time?". The P.A. uses the uploaded syllabus to provide a detailed study plan.


Upload a full-length book, and then ask the Personal Assistant (P.A.) to provide a summary of the book, including key plot points, character developments etc. The P.A. uses the uploaded document to create a comprehensive book summary.


Upload multiple insurance plan documents. Then ask the Personal Assistant (P.A.) to compare the plans on various parameters like coverage, cost, benefits etc. The P.A. uses the uploaded insurance plan documents to provide a comparison.


You can upload a document with your monthly income and expenses, and then ask the Personal Assistant (P.A.) to create a budget plan, such as "How much should I save each month?" The P.A. uses the uploaded document to provide a personalized budget plan.

Contract revision

I.e. if you want to rent or rent out a house. Upload the real estate contract, and then ask the Personal Assistant (P.A) to highlight the key terms and conditions, and explain any complex legal language. The P.A. uses the uploaded document to provide a review.

Resume feedback

If you´re seeking a new job, you might want to upload your resume, and then ask the Personal Assistant (P.A.) for feedback and suggestions for improvement. The P.A. uses the uploaded resume to provide constructive feedback and actionable tips.


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Testimonials from Our Valued Users

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This assistant is so amazing, I cannot stop using it, and I don't want to tell about it to other people. I want it for myself.
Alexander Kvamme
Student, Economics
Anne Cath bilde retusjert-1
This solution really helped me in the exam preparation, it's just so clutch! I'm personally gonna thank Ayfie if I get an A.
Anne Cath Lea Ruud
Student, Bachelor in Economics