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Ayfie Enterprise Search

The SAAS Platform that converts information into actionable insight.


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What is Ayfie Enterprise Search Platform?

Ayfie Enterprise Search is a SAAS (Software As A Service) platform that connects to your data sources – such as Dropbox, OneDrive, MS Exchange, Sharepoint etc. – and extracts, indexes, and structures data from a vast array of more than 550 different file formats. The result? Your data becomes accessible, usable, and interactive through the Ayfie Enterprise Search Platform.

In addition to our 15 years´ experience with enterprise search and insight engines, we´ve added generative artificial intelligence through the injection of our AI-fueled Personal Assistant. This innovation provides you with a unique way to search, locate and interact with your documents – all in one secure and compliant platform. 

Let Ayfie empower you and generate structured insights from unstructured sources.

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How does Ayfie Enterprise Search work?

Sign up for Ayfie

Signing up to our solution is made very easy, either through credentials or using familiar single-sign-on options.

Choose sources

Connect your business applications and data sources, such as Dropbox, OneDrive, MS 365 and more.

Advanced search

An advanced, powerful and accurate search lets you search all your data at once – in one single interface.

Boost efficiency

Use your own data to create insights and increase productivity using our AI-driven Personal Assistant.

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Impactful Insights with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Ayfie's AI-powered solutions are relied upon by leaders in Administration, After Sales Support, IT, HR and Legal firms worldwide.

With our ChatGPT-based Personal Assistant built into the platform, you only need to choose which documents you want to interact with. The chosen documents are brought seamlessly into your Personal Assistant where you can ask questions, get answers and generate more insight – solely based on the chosen documents.

Let Ayfie empower you and generate structured insights from unstructured sources.

Read more about Ayfie Personal Assistant.

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Unique Capabilities

Cloud Platform

We provide individuals and businesses with an easy access to our solutions, ensuring flexible scalability and reliable performance. 

Artificial Intelligence

Years of experience with machine learing, AI in context of text analysis, and natural language processing (NLP), gives our users the best insight engine on the market.

One, Single Interface

Ayfie Enterprise Search delivers one centralized access to all your documents and data. We clone your data, structure it and makes it accessible in one place. 

Powerful Connectors

We have built mulitiple connectors to the most popular data sources, creating a seamless data flow between the Ayfie Platform and your data. We continuously add new connectors to our platform. See full list of connectors.


Optical Character Recognition (OCR) enables us to extract text from various image based files such as scanned paper documents, PDF files, and digital camera images - making it searchable through our platform.

Semantic Search

We use machine learning algorithms to automatically identify text patterns and categorize text into distinct categories. This process enriches your data, enabling for smarter and more consistent search results.


What type of user are you?

No matter if you´re a large corporation, a medium sized business or an individual - Ayfie has you covered with a suitable enterprise search solution. We have connectors designed towards both enterprises, businesses and individuals.

Ayfie for Business

We have solutions for all kinds of professinals ranging from sole proprietorships to small businesses and large enterprises.



Business man sitting in front of a computer using the Ayfie Platform for business

Ayfie for Individuals

We know how much value resides in your information, and how difficult it is to access, extract, and summarize from various files and file types. Our assistant does this for you.


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Trusted By More Than 500 Companies Worldwide

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Our Technology

The Ayfie Platform is built on a foundation we call the universal index. The Universal Index unifies all data from different sources and makes it accessible for our Advanced Search.

The Universal Index leverages connectors to ingest the data from the sources you want to connect. Connectors facilitate the integration and provide a standardized way for different systems to talk to each other, ensuring compatibility and smooth data transfers. 

Other core elements our technology stack includes Smart Classification, Optical Character Recognition, Data Cloning, Named Entity Extractionur and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to name a few

Read more about our technology.

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Securing Your Data

Data Privacy and Security are at the heart of everything we do in Ayfie, and our solutions take into consideration the user and client needs and expectations. 

We prioritise data security and privacy, ensuring all your data stays within the selected infrastructure – either in cloud or on-premise – mitigating exposure risks and ensuring GDPR compliance. 

We have more than 15 years experiene securing our clients data is private, secure and compliant. Our solutions respect your company´s security policies and mirror your internal user access rights.

Read more about how we handle security.

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