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Ayfie for Business

Increase Efficiency & Productivity with the Ayfie Platform

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The Ayfie Platform for Business

Have you experienced searching for a document attached to an email you no longer remember who sent to you? We´ve all been there and felt the frustration of bad search modules not returning the desired result.

The Ayfie Platform provides one single interface where all documents and data are structured, and made available through an advanced search. The platform is set up within minutes, inheriting all user access levels from the source systems you connect with – making the onboarding process very quick and smooth.

With our newest invention – The Personal Assistant (powered by ChatGPT) – built into the Ayfie Platform; you can easliy search, locate and select documents to interact with, get answers and create new, powerful and actionable insights with the power of AI.

Conceptual image of the Ayfie Platform for Business

Our Solutions for Business & Corporate Users

Ayfie Pro - The One That Fits All

Provided as a SAAS (software as a service) product where the whole onboarding process is done within a few minutes. You connect to your data sources through pre-built connectors, and user access levels are inherited from each data source making it simple to control privacy and security aspects. 

This is the solution for businesses and enterprises that don´t have any custom needs and that have their data and documents stored in services covered by our existing connectors. We will continously build more connectors as we go along. 

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Ayfie Pro+ - A Custom Platform for Unique Needs

Provided as a custom solution for those businesses or enterprises who have need for customization and flexibility that the Pro-platform does not offer. Normally, the customization needs involves on-premise-installations, hybrid installations (cloud and on-premise), integrations with local servers, or both.

Whatever need you have, we have an option for you.


Screenshot showing prompts form the Ayfie Platform for Business fueled with the AI Personal Assistant

Ayfie Basic - Ayfie Personal Assistant on your Azure tenant

Do you want to utilize the power of AI and ChatGPT in your business – in a secure and compliant way – without sharing your data with external resources?

We have the perfect solution for you – no implementation cost or development required!

Our Ayfie Personal Assistant is easily installed on your own Azure tenant. Not only do you get the ChatGPT functionality, but you can also upload your own documents and base chats solely on these documents. 

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Demo showing functionality from Ayfie´s AI Personal Assistant

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Features Included
Ayfie Personal Assistant
Add our Generative AI feature Ayfie Personal Assistant to our Platform and your corporate data. Read more about the Ayfie Personal Assistant
Ayfie Platform
Connect your data to our platform and make all the info accessible and searchable in one place. Read more about the Ayfie Platform
Connect to personal Dropbox
Get structure to your files in your very own Dropbox
Connect to personal OneDrive
Get structure to your files in your very own OneDrive
Connect to Office 365
Get all your Microsoft business apps connected to Ayfie
Connect to business applications
With several connectors available you can connect more of your business apps to Ayfie
Add our GDPR and Compliance tool to your Ayfie solution and be fully compliant and ready to handle private and sensitive data requests from day 1. Read more about the Ayfie Supervisor.
On-premises or hybrid installation
Our Ayfie platform can also be delivered on-premises with the client or client's IT providers data center, or we have a hybrid model available too.
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* Please note that prices are only guiding, and can change by factors such as choice of connectors, degree of customization needed for the solution, choice of hosting (Cloud or on-premises), etc.


Selected Use Cases

Ayfie's AI-powered solutions are relied upon by leaders worldwide in Administration, After Sales, HR, IT, Legal, and Support.

Legal Tech & Lawyers

Ayfie is utilized by thousands of users worldwide, especially by lawyers who require extensive document review.

Ayfie offers several benefits to law firms. For document review, Ayfie can analyze and identify potential issues or risks and provide feedback on the document's clarity and organization. In the case of contract analysis, Ayfie can review it, identify key terms and potential risks, and offer feedback on the overall structure, saving time.

In the realm of legal research, Ayfie can conduct research on legal issues, providing the relevant case law, statutes, or other legal authorities. Ayfie also shines in summarizing key points of the document or highlighting important sections for quick understanding. Lastly, Ayfie can suggest edits to improve the clarity, organization, and accuracy of the document, ensuring high-quality work.

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Manufacturing & After Sales

Ayfie's is a powerful tool for any After Sales Support team, as it significantly enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of data retrieval processes. It allows teams to quickly and accurately locate specific information from a vast array of documents, including those that are decades old or in various formats such as hand-drawn images or auto-CAD files.

The tool's OCR function is particularly valuable, as it can extract text from image files, making it possible to search for specific words or concepts within these files. This feature can be a game-changer for teams that deal with complex or technical documents.

In essence, Ayfie can transform a task that used to take days into a matter of minutes, greatly improving the productivity of After Sales Support teams and enabling them to provide better and faster service to their customers.

Engineer with mechanical worker checking on production

What Our Customers Say

Processes that previously took us three days to accomplish, we can now perform in just a few minutes. Alsom we get more effective at work.
Bjørn Jacob Lind photo
Bjørn Jacob Lind
Project Manager, Syncrolift
The question is how to deal with unstructured data. You need a holistic tool to handle the information and get an overview, with Ayfie we get that.
Per Kaare Kvale
Per-Kaare Svendsen
Partner, Kvale Law Firm
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Supporting Your Favourite Apps

We are continuously building new connectors to support your favorite applications.


Are You A Small Start-up, Freelancer or Looking for Alternative Business Solutions?

Ayfie for Individuals

After more than a decade serving the business segment, we decided to offer the Ayfie Platform to individual consumers as well.

We received many inquiries from users with an increasing amount of data and information that sought more structure to find back to their files in a smart way – typically stored in services such as Dropbox and OneDrive.

Additionally, with AI significantly maturing in 2023, players such as OpenAI with ChatGPT saw their light, and we created our own AI assistant – the Ayfie Personal Assistant.

The result is a complete offering for Individuals, which can also be used by small and medium sized businesses, freelancers, sole proprietors etc. 

Read more about Ayfie for Individuals.

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